Sports Trash Talking Thread

Hey the welfare queen is back. Give me my money back lol

I love when the chum rises to the top!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Its pretty obvious that such Boomers with their antiquated language usage exposes their own insecurities here all the time. Maybe that is why they remain unmarried and resort to inventing fake girlfriends that they have taken from the internet!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I date hot models, my teams are the best in sports. Get over it. I know I’m living the dream

You still
Screaming? Lol :joy:

What are you talking about? How your country sells death to the world by creating endless wars and interfering with other countries affairs and elections? Long departed from sports talk! Lol!

You say this a lot, what school
Did you go to?

You accuse me of being a welfare queen and I have no idea how that applies to me? I thought this was a thread about sports but you go to your bigotry and personal attacks!

You made this a personal attack when you attacked my country this is a trash talking thread, now you’re crying like a little baby because I’m calling you out on how you earn your money from America you welfare queen lol

Now answer the question what school did you go to??

I have a right to trash your country when you interfere with other countries with death and destruction!

How do I make my money from America? Please explain!

Because if you don’t live in America then you live in a country funded by America, you welfare queeen. Give your money back if you don’t like us. Matter of fact get on your knees and beg for me to keep funding your shit hole country lol

I don’t live in country funded by America. You are reaching for victory when you have none! I thought this was a thread relating to sports not politics or did you not get the memo?

Do you like Coldplay?

No and What does that have to do with sports?

It’s an equation I use to judge someone’s sport knowledge lol

Always posting fake and false conquests on the internet
is a sign of insecurity and a fragile psyche.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The last place cheaters!

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Ohhh no a fluke few games lol we could still win the Super Bowl.

Nothing! He’s a is trolling loser who regularly likes to make up shit here on this site. Fake girlfriends, fake Military operative, fake friends (he invents them here with burner accounts) fake claims, just one lying scumbag on the internet. Who brags about having girlfriends so much so that he has to post it on this forum? Insecure fake people that is who!

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Just open about my life style what’s the problem?

That is pretty stupid along with your previous racist comments of calling Asian people slanted eyes.

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Ahhh ok welfare queen lol

But you can’t explain why I am welfare queen makes you smarter? Oh ok.:joy: