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Martha Stewart Featured As 2023 SI Swimsuit Cover Model

  • May 15, 2023

Globally renowned businesswoman Martha Stewart made Sports Illustrated Swimsuit history Monday, as the 81-year-old was revealed as the oldest cover model in the publication’s history.

Stewart rose to fame in the 1980s when she began writing cookbooks after her success as a chef. Since those first cookbooks, Stewart is now the best-selling author to 99 books over the course of her career. She launched her magazine, Martha Stewart Living, in 1990.

View Martha Stewart’s full 2023 SI Swimsuit gallery here.

Stewart made a name for herself in other media as well, including television. Stewart founded Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, which encompasses her magazine and television shows, along with other media products. Throughout her media outlets, she reaches approximately 100 million fans per month.

Martha Stewart is one of four cover models on this year’s SI Swimsuit issue. She was photographed in the Dominican Republic at Casa de Campo Resort & Villas.

Ruven Afanador/Sports Illustrated


Stewart currently hosts three programs on Roku: Martha Gardens, Martha Cooks and Martha Holidays. She also moderates The Martha Stewart Podcast, where she interviews various business leaders, along with friends, in their respective fields.

Stewart opened her first restaurant in August 2022: The Bedford by Martha Stewart, which is located at Paris Las Vegas.

As SI Swim deemed her the “OG of influencers,” people still look to Stewart for home advice. She lists various home, kitchen, dining, fashion and lifestyle products on her website,, along with an Amazon storefront.

Stewart is also a proud mother and grandmother.

“Never in her life has she let her circumstances dictate her outcome,” SI Swimsuit editor in chief MJ Day says of Stewart. “She’s changed with the times—always one step ahead, it seems—to build a wide-reaching business empire.”

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More sports news for the reprobate Jiz.

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Baseball is too slow and takes too long. Baseball is dying.

The long-time moan from the “baseball is boring” crowd.

The time it takes to get through a full baseball game continues to rise. Teams are discovering 1) the benefits of patience at the plate on the offensive side 2) the benefits of earning strikeouts vs. pitching to contact on the pitching side. Foul balls are up2, pitches per game are up3, pitchers per game are up4, and the result is a longer game on average.

Critics will often cite a single year in the past as their favorite point of comparison, which ought to inspire the suspicion of any half-critical thinker. You’ll see this kind of thing:

In 1948 — when Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams and Jackie Robinson were on the field — an average 9-inning game lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes. Today, it takes more than 3 hours.5

This has it all:

  1. Apples and oranges. The reference to a year representing an entirely different age in the game.
  2. Nostalgia. The casual reference to the mythical figures of the past, hearkening to the “better days” as if all-time great players don’t exist anymore.
  3. Carefully crafted comparison. A precise value for the past figure and a fuzzy estimation of the current figure implying a limitless ceiling.

There is truth amid the caterwauling:

MLB Baseball Game Length by Year All Time

Courtesy of Baseball Reference6.

MLB’s 2018 measures to speed up the pace of play couldn’t stop time per 9 innings from reaching a new high in 2019 – at an average of 3 hours and 10 minutes.

Yes, games are getting longer and more boring.

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