Spitting image of her father?

Are you implying that Merkel and AH are related?

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Horst Kasner was a German Protestant theologian and father of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

We may never know their true stories.
Even Hitler’s birth is shrouded in mystery.
Some say he has Rothschild blood.

Angela doesn’t behave like a Protestant. Period.
If Merkel is Adolf’s daughter, you shouldn’t be surprised.
After all, Bibi Netaniyahu was onto something.

Well, I’d have to say, while she is no beauty, she looks great for a 92 year old. Offhand, I’d say she doesn’t look a day over 65. :wink:

Claim: A photograph shows a young Angela Merkel posing with Adolf Hitler.

Conclusion: False. This picture shows Hitler with an anonymous girl. Mrs Merkel was born nine years after Hitler died.

Mrs Merkel was born in 1954. Hitler killed himself nine years earlier in 1945. And the photo purportedly showing the two together appears to come from a photo bookpublished in 1937.

Nazi bigwigs escaped to Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Israel and USA. No reason for Hitler to die in Berlin.

Oh BS, produce any actual evidence of Nazis emigrating to Israel.

With all its crazy conspiracy theories this site at times reminds me of Above Top Secret. The threads are very entertaining.

Watching retards work can be entertaining. But we are not supposed to laugh.

Like Obama’s birth certificate (from Hawaii).
Wasn’t it crazy enough for you?

It sure was entertaining.