Spectacular Photos of the Northern Lights! 📷

These photos are all natural light taken by various photographers from around the world in pretty remote regions to capture what many considered the best year in Northern Lights activity. Pretty phenomenal!

northern lights aurora borealis

“Polaris Dream” by Nico Rinaldi in Murmansk Oblast, Russia. Photo: Nico Rinaldi

“Auroraverse” by Tor-Ivar Næss in Nordreisa, Norway. Photo: Tor-Ivar Næss

“Inception” by Giulio Cobianchi in Lofoten Islands, Norway. Photo: Giulio Cobianchi

“Michigan Night Watch” by Marybeth Kiczenski in Point Betsie Lighthouse, Frankfort, Michigan. Photo: Marybeth Kiczenski

“The Light Upon Kerlaugar” by Jannes Krause in Suðurland, Iceland. Photo: Jannes Krause

“Emerald Howl” by Itai Monnickendam in Kolari, North Finland. Photo: Itai Monnickendam

“Towering Ice” by Virgil Reglioni in Scoresby Sund, East Greenland. Photo: Virgil Reglioni

“Nugget Point Lighthouse Aurora” by Douglas Thorne in Nugget Point Lighthouse, New Zealand. Photo: Douglas Thorne

“Queen of the North” by Pierpaolo Salvatore in Iceland. Photo: Pierpaolo Salvatore

“Red Skies” by Ruslan Merzlyakov in Nykøbing Mors, Denmark. Photo: Ruslan Merzlyakov / Capture The Atlas

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