Special Forces retake cargo ship after migrants threatened staff

Four men have been arrested after special forces stormed a cargo ship off the UK’s coast, where a group of stowaway migrants had threatened staff on-board.

Special Boat Service (SBS) operatives from Sabre Squadron fast-roped from helicopters on to the ship, which had been sailing in the Thames Estuary, sources told Sky’s defence and security correspondent Alistair Bunkall.

The operation lasted around 25 minutes and no one on board was injured.

I find this to be a really interesting event. The government of the UK and law enforcement agencies within the UK won’t lift a finger to help citizens who are under direct attack, but as soon as commerce is threatened they deploy Special Forces. No one dies and the whole thing is wrapped up in under 30 minutes.



If I was a betting man, I’d say we will likely house them now and give them full benefits and healthcare. This is the kind of thing that needs to be revisited in a few months. Knowing our system they will have no records to show who or where these people are in that time.

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The company’s spokesman Paul Kyprianou told Sky News: "The vessel was coming from Nigeria… They managed to escape from the cabin and started threatening the crew, requesting to have the vessel navigate very close to the coast.

I’m sure they asked nicely and said pretty please. :roll_eyes:

He added that the crew locked themselves in the bridge of the vessel after the migrants had picked up potentially harmful objects.

“They managed to get whatever they could find on the vessel… pieces of iron, tubes and things like that and this is what they used in order to threaten,” Mr Kyprianou said.

Essex Police said they were not treating the incident as a “hostage, piracy or terror-related”.

This makes no sense. They escaped the cabin they were being held in, locked themselves in the bridge and threatened the crew. How is this not hostage or piracy related?

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Special Forces captured them and secretly transported them to an unused countryside estate where they will permanently reside and have the local UK citizen townsfolk serve as their serfs.


I was thinking the same thing. Amazing isn’t it?


My understanding of that piece is the crew locked themselves in the bridge after the knuckle draggers became violent but regardless once that happened and demanding to alter course, I think you are right piracy should be thrown overboard and let the sea do it’s thing !


:+1: I’m laughing but not laughing.

You are correct, I misread that. Thank you for the correction :wink:

In all honesty, I’m up to my neck with it. Even the talk here, everyone has similar story to share, globalism is rampant, I’m just waiting for my cue to turn out for the scrap. All but the few news items that get posted are all linked to the same agenda. You people across the pond at least have access to arms, we will have to make do with clubs. We can get arms easily but risk getting a hefty prison sentence as with not knowing the history of the weapon could have been used for murder. So that will be a last resort depending on how bad it gets.
Really pay attention to what’s happening here as you are looking at your future if don’t get it in check.

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Now they need to deploy the Special Forces across the whole country! Problem solved in less than 24 hours. Even quicker if they use live rounds.

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:+1:It really is that simple and all the do gooders who cry about it being genocide should get it too, it’s survival of the fittest time !! We really do need a global reboot, all this multi cultural bollox has been one huge scam.

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I can only imagine that you are up to your neck with it! I’m amazed with what is going on over there and what the elites are doing to your country. It is so sad.

They are trying to do the same here. Trump put a stop to it, but that is only temporary.

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Yes ignore all the political correct crap and get all muslims out. All this talk of “it’s not all muslims” and “moderate muslims” etc etc is madness. They will take over if you let them. Once you are at saturation point all that “moderate muslim” crap will vanish quicker than David Blaines wand !! Get them out of positions of power now,all they do is unlock more and more doors !!!

Have A Nice Christmas Folks :smile: