Speaker Pelosi Threatens Possibility of Armed Conflict Against U.S. Department of Justice

Yes you reading this correct, this actually did happened. While everybody is focused on the latest developments in Iraq, the most important events are happening behind closed doors! This looks like a showdown is in the making for 2020 and the DOJ is in the crosshairs of the Democrats. What could possibly be the motive? Hmm? I wonder.

Think about all of the media panel discussions on gun ownership you have watched; segments where second amendment advocates were ridiculed by media pundits for daring to bring up the possibility of the U.S. government using arms against U.S. citizens who hold opposing political views… There are hundreds of recent reference points.

Now consider, earlier today U.S. House of Representatives Legal Counsel, Douglas Letter, argued in court it would be a possible remedy -for a conflict between branches of government- for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to order an armed “gun battle” between the House and the United States Department of Justice. Yes, this actually happened .

At the same time as national Democrat political candidates are arguing to remove the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners, the highest ranking Democrat in the United States; a person only two succession-steps away from the presidency; is arguing in DC federal court the House could begin an armed conflict against the Dept. of Justice.
Hat Tip Michael Sheridan for the segment – Full Hearing Audio is HERE Via CSPAN

BACKGROUND (https://www.politico.com/news/2020/01/03/impeachment-justice-department-democrats-trump-court-093088)

– Federal appeals court judges aggressively grilled lawyers for the Justice Department and the House of Representatives Friday in a pair of intertwined cases that could have major implications for Donald Trump’s presidency and the Democrats’ ongoing efforts to remove him from office.

During back-to-back hearings spanning about three hours, the judges drilled in on the House Judiciary Committee’s dual quests to learn special counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury secrets and to secure testimony from Don McGahn, Trump’s former top White House lawyer. The two hearings were overseen by two partially overlapping, three-judge panels. (read more)