Soy Boy Triggered by Jeeps!

If there ever was a guy who needs a good punch in the mouth, then the guy in this video best exemplifies the soy drinking beta male deserving of a wrecked lunch!

I don’t get it. Where’s the video?

Freaking Twatter blocked it! Here is the direct link

It looks like the link there is broken too. Can’t you just link to the video somewhere else? Twitter is the enemy of free speech and will do anything to protect their precious snowflakes.

I will try to correct this when I get to the office tomorrow! I linked this in my phone and Twatter links are always problematic whenever there is story that they decide to filter!

Sorry. I tried. It looks like the video was deep sixed in the cyber hole! Barstool sports took it down.

Here are some excerpts from the thread that responded to the original video.

This is a pic of the Soy boy from the original video

Same guy that was in the video

How could any woman be attracted to that?