South Dakota to allow concealed handguns without permit

Another step in the right direction. :+1:

Were it not so cold there in the winter months, I’d consider moving there.

South Dakota is the 14th state to remove the concealed carry permit requirement. Twenty-eight other states and the District of Columbia have a “shall-issue” system, which grants permits to those who pass background checks and other requirements.

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As should every state. Constitutional Carry is the only carry “permit” a citizen should need.


Yep. And it seems like just yesterday that Vermont and Alaska were the only States to have Constitutional carry. And to think, anti-gun liberals still think they are going to do away with guns.

If so, they need to begin mustering up an amendment to the Constitution…maybe just to change “shall” to “will” in the 2nd.

Some state and local governments seem to already interpret it that way.


Gun grabbers are getting their ass kicked on every single front. There are more guns in circulation, more gun owners per capita and in general, fewer gun restrictions, and MOST OF ALL…. they’ve been getting their ass kicked on right to carry laws. In the 80s less than five states had right to carry, today it’s practically every state.

Which is why I laugh when morons bring up “muh bump stucks”.


Exactly! All this tip-toeing around is and has always been horse crap.

If you’re too dangerous to have a gun, you need to be in prison. Because last time I checked, guns weren’t the only way to kill people. And it’s not all that hard to get one illegally.