South Africa Sets Rules for Confiscating Land from White Farmers without Compensation

In December 2018 South African lawmakers passed a proposal to change the country’s constitution to make land grabs legal.

The government voted in agreement to take land from white farmers without compensation.

This same plan turned South Africa’s neighbor Zimbabwe from a state of plenty to a starving failed state.

The Star reported:

The country’s National Assembly approved a proposal to change the constitution to make the so-called reforms legal in a vote of 183 to 77.

This paves the way for land to be taken from farmers without giving any kind of compensation.

And now lawmakers have agreed to set up a committee that will write and introduce a new bill for land expropriations.

A deadline of the end of March next year for the committee to present its first report to parliament has also been agreed.

But there were heated scenes in the House when politicians clashed over the plans.

According to local reports, Economic Freedom Fighters MP Hlengiwe Mkhaliphi argued land grabs must go ahead as she declared: “Your time is up, white people”.

his came as the IFP MP Mkhuleko Hlengwa said the plans undermine South Africa’s position as a democratic state.

According to the Daily Maverick, he said: “To achieve real and effective land reform is (possible) under the existing Constitution, not your (ANC) populist agenda.

Whites, not just Dutch speaking Afrikaners, should have read the writing on the wall and left the country when they abolished Apartheid (which had kept the country manageable) and installed Nelson Mandela.
A commie terrorist, hell bent on killing off whites.

Good. Let them all starve.

We seem to be hearing this a lot lately. It’s almost as if they want some kind of war. I guess they don’t understand what would happen if it came to that…and I should.

Boer Commander Declaring War HAPPENING

What’s going on?

  • Young farmer (21) killed and tied to pole at his farm gate in the Free State, South Africa

  • Thousands of Boers descended on the court holding the black suspects intent on executing them

  • They were blocked by police and organizers are now being charged with terrorism

  • Protests all over the country have broken out

  • Radicals are announcing their intention to gun down Boer protesters on the 16th

  • 16th of October is the next court date and might lead to bloodshed

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Can’t argue with criminals hell bent on killing you.
Just get out!

It appears BLM have a similar plan for the USA with the help of the DNC .