South Africa: Blacks Shoot and Kill White Male Farmer, Scald White Female, Stab Another Female in the Head

Celebrate Diversity! We are all equal! These shitheads didn’t even steal anything – this was just blacks seizing another opportunity to kill and torture white people because they could.

South Africa Today:

A violent farm attack and farm murder took place on 19 November 2019, in Boschkop, Gauteng province: One male victim was shot dead one female victim was stabbed in head, severely assaulted and tied up. And another female victim was also tied up not but not injured.

At least four attackers were involved in the brutality. The man was shot in the chest, tied up and left to die. The woman who was assaulted also had boiling water poured over her.

Police are investigating.

Yes there are lots of investigations in South Africa for depraved events such as this one. The perpetrators won’t be caught and white farmers and their families will continue being targeted.

Any white person still living in South Africa has a death wish.


Why hasn’t the Trump administration offered any of them asylum?

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Because he will be called a racist if he does!


Yeah - that’s some real leadership there. They already call him that…but we wouldn’t want the leader of the free world doing the right thing and stopping an actual genocide because someone might call him a name. MAGA.

I am speaking in jest of course, but Russia is offering SA sanctuary, so there is that!

Yep - glad that Putin actually has a backbone.

South Africans need to rise up.


This is pretty well a daily occurrence in the RSA.

There is a point at which they will and when it happens the casualty numbers are going to be staggering.

South Africa was settled by whites, and turned into the Shining Star of the continent. THERE ARE NO GRAY AREAS ! Black rule is dragging the country back to the Stone Age.


…but it’s not true. It’s just the Trump haters using the term to smear him. Being called a racist means nothing. Being a racist is despicable. There are many BLACK RACISTS in positions of leadership today. I know of several that call themselves “Reverend”.

The only way to stop this kind of violence is to catch and kill the perpetrators. The white farmers don’t need asylum. They need permission to shoot trespassers on sight.

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Black Socialist/Communist rule no less.

Unfortunately a race war is inevitable I think in the RSA.

Unless radical steps are taken, SA farmers will call it quits, their farms will flounder, and starvation will be the result. Impossible for blacks who have absolutely no idea how to farm on a large scale, to keep the country fed. Much easier to drag someone into the cesspool, than to climb out.