Something's Buggy

Not sure what’s going on but today when I’m hitting reply to some op’s and posts it doesnt’ then show the post/op being replied to, it simply goes to the bottom of the list.

I’ll take a closer look but all lights are green from what I can see. @Patriot may need to check the server tonight.

I’m hitting reply to your post. Do you see that curved arrow pointing to your avatar and name in the upper right corner? I don’t.

Makes no sense to me. Perhaps something is wrong with my user level and permissions as there seems to be some issues there as well.

What browser are you using? What operating system?

Damn Russians…

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Window’s 10, PC, Chrome. All the same as I’ve been using.

Yeah - you should have zero issues. Please sent me a screen shot so I can text message @Patriot. Maybe he can tell me what to look for.

OK that’s weird as hell. On the screen shot it shows the curved arrow in the upper right pointing to your name but I don’t see it.

Other people were getting confused in another thread as to what I was replying to so they apparently aren’t seeing it either.

Hmm. Everything looks perfect in the screenshot. Looks perfect on my side of this thread too. I would try closing out of all open instances, opening a new incognito tab, then logging in.

This isn’t a website. It’s a JavaScript application. Something may not be rendering right on your side.

I have absolutely no explanation for it but apparently I’m not the only one it’s happening to.

Quoting myself here. I still don’t see it but here’s another screenshot.

Note, it doesn’t appear in that one.

Not appearing in these either.

When you hit the grey reply on a post it will always come up.

If you hit the blue reply at the bottom it won’t come up because you are replying to the whole thread.

If you hit the grey reply on the last post in the thread the icon will show in the edit box but it won’t show on the thread as it’s clear who the reply is to.

There aren’t any errors showing in the logs that I can see.

Nope. I always use it when I’m replying to someone.

Let me try an earlier post…

Replying to this post and quoting.