Something I noticed on the main page that gets mocked by one poster

Hello @KVN @Patriot
Every time I create a topic, Manhattan creates a duplicate thread, I let him know and he thinks it’s a joke. He’s making a mockery of your web site.

Doesn’t bother me too much, I just thought you should know. Thank you for this great forum.

Make that "Jitss617 the A$$hole of Political Bullpen who needs to be banned!

Why not follow the rules our Mods created? You can’t duplicate the threads. Just participate

You can post in my threads, I welcome you… let’s all just get along… your my brother whether you like it or not

As a newbie to the board I’m shocked at the abuse I have witnessed from @Dr_Manhattan
I don’t post that much because he’s a bully.
All he does is attack and trash the board with duplicates. @KVN @Patriot

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@ KVN @ Patriot

This is Jitss617 and is a pathological liar. He will do anything to appear innocent when in fact he is the source of this sites problems.

He instigates with almost every member here
He stalks members by sending intimidating personal messages
He makes up fake accounts that goes by the name “American King”
He has for the past year and a half duplicated over 25 other people’s accounts in which moderators had to come in and clean up.
He plagiarizes other people’s written work and was caught doing so in the past
He is also violating this sites rule by purposely bumping his posts out of spite when no one reads them.

He has been warned before but continues to be a childish poster here who offers no value in the way of having conversations, but instead continues to engage in negative behavior that is bringing this site down in terms of quality of the posts themselves.

He has also chased away other members who no longer want to come here because he is spamming up this site with his boring and self indulging posts that he makes about himself and not the content of stories that people want to talk about and because he has personal vendettas to grind so he makes everything persona;.

We will be sign a petition to have Jitss617 to be permanently banned from this place forever.

We know these two accounts are the same person and we have a positive ID of Jason Warren, who currently has a warrant out for his arrest and if not will soon.

Lol yeah where is this warrant? Where is this ID? Lol

Sorry brother you have to deal with this. Ive noticed his attacks on you. The duplication is what it is. I just want the mods to know, he’s making a mockery of this great forum