Someone is Hunting San Francisco Homeless With a Bow and Arrow

The city of San Francisco is a dystopian shithole that is just getting worse and worse. Next stop, banning the bow and arrow because we alll know banning stuff is 100% effective.

Two homeless men living at an encampment in San Francisco were shot with arrows early Sunday in an attack that was not a random attack, a report said.

The victims were not identified in reports but lived in an encampment around the area of Richmond. Both men were hit in the abdomen, and one was also struck in the leg, the Mercury News reported. A homeless woman was also targeted, but the assailant reportedly missed.

The report said the two were taken to a nearby hospital and underwent surgery. They are awake and recovering “well,” police said.

The city has been grappling with its homeless crisis. In May, city officials braced themselves when a preliminary homeless count was released. They expected the numbers to rise and they were right. Initial data showed that it had jumped 17 percent from 2017.

When the final report was released a couple of months later, it showed the street count increase would have been 30 percent if the city had stuck to the same definition of homelessness as they had in the past. This year, San Francisco opted to use the federal definition instead of the one they wrote themselves.


I didn’t know it was bum season already. And I’m out of practice with the bow.


Bolts & arrows are really creepy weapons:

The only way to get this out is by major surgery, or pushing it all the way through.

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If you get hit with that thing it will be permanent and irreversible damage. I can see this gaining in popularity in densely populated urban areas where someone might want to hit a target at a distance without making a sound or leaving a trace.

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I watched an expert with a bow, shoot aspirins his wife threw in the air.


The media will resist the obvious message.

This is a reaction to a toxic radicality of Leftist politics.

There is no one in sight willing and able to stop this crap (!!!), so the citizens are taking steps to fix things themselves.

The toxic Leftist campaign has to be seen as being a cause of the random mass shootings and the rise of Neo Nazism in America.

No one will say it, but no one can deny it.

The Left is making America sicker, more dysfunctional, more dangerous, uglier and more violent.

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This TV show is pretty darned good.

And the theme is excellent, too.

It shows San Francisco when it was last a great city.

This is a strange incident, and it’s not San Francisco - this is an area next to the mud flats on the east side of the bay, just north of Berkeley. I doubt that SF cops were involved.

It is the act of “brick throwing.”

In a mob, everyone remains legal until the first brick is thrown through the first store window.

Then the mob follows into the store to loot it and burn it.

Then the brick throwing becoimes commonplace and the looting and burning that follows with it.

Expect open season… maybe.

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Another consideration reduced the length of the arrow to 18"