Some Seoul searching required

This is a cultural issue, maybe. But these babies could be American, since aborted babies have been exported to China.

(Seoul is the capital of South Korea, by the way. Koreans and Chinese have many shared cultural values and traditions, but Koreans don’t go there.)

Or is this merely a case of anti-XXXXX-ism?

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Surprised and disappointed.

While I love puns … there’s nothing but horror in this report.

I will be up front, as a Christian I’ve an ethical bias to prefer presenting Scripture over any personal experience, even one that expressly upholds what I believe to be sound doctrine and believed to be before it was experienced.

The reason is simple: unlike experiences the Scriptures are open to anyone to inspect them.

If someone says “I had a dream” well that’s … just not the same … unless you just happen to be a telepath I suppose.

That said some years ago I did have a dream that wasn’t just regular: in it I spent the whole time trying to find someplace to stand where the ground wasn’t soaked in blood. The whole time there was a terrible storm looming in the western sky.

When, while standing in some home with the blood seeping between my toes like I was standing on some waterlogged shag carpet I realized the whole thing was about abortion.

Then I woke up saying, without wanting to, “Thus says the Lord: shall a bloody nation not have blood from the Lord?”

… and that’s it.

Now, you can say it was just a (very disturbing) dream … and it was, but tactile sensation and sense of smell aren’t things I often associate with dreams and I’ve absolutely nothing in my life experience that presents that sort of imagery for me to use subsequently (other than at SOME point having apparently stood barefoot on wet shag carpet to know that it compared at all). Likewise I had never before and never since said the words “Thus says the Lord” unless reading the Bible out loud. So that’s not usual for me either.

This story is just beyond the pale.