Somali Gangland Violence Erupts in Minnesota ***UPDATE 5/02/2019***


And this article pretty much articulates exactly what I have been thinking in the bigger picture of things!


Lets not forget this, and I can’t imagine what the grieving fiancee is going through right now regardless of what his political beliefs are! I am assuming he hates Obama and George Soros right about now!


Omar is different in that she makes no attempt to disguise her true feelings, either about America or the Jews. Anti-Western to her core, she rewards the generosity of the Americans toward the Somali Muslim community by spitting in our faces.

Why are these people different from the Chinese, the Japanese, the Italians, the Irish?
In the past people have come to the US and assimilated into the country yet today people entering the country, legally, illegally tend to not want to assimilate.


No incentive. Libs have taken that away. Before, you had to assimilate or you were unlikely to get a decent job. Now, libs hand out free stuff. No assimilation required.


She saw too much. Somali justice says “Shoot her”. So he did.


That is horrible. I had not heard about this case at all.

You would think that the sensationalist media would be running this front page every day.

She was approaching a police car after calling for help for a loud assault behind her home…


Yeah! From what I have read the entire thing was a cover up from the beginning until some astute investigative reporting uncovered a lot more.


Yes this is extremely horrible! Like I said I can’t imagine what her family and her Fiancee of the pain and anger they are going through.

Ironically it was the Australian media that brought world attention to this story due to the fact the woman was an Australian. The MSM in America has gone beyond being shameful at this point when another countries media apparatus has to cover this story.

Well, apparently there are conflicting stories on this, as the cops no doubt tried to cover it up initially and is the main reason why the Somali Cop charged was fired. The other story that got the most attention was that the victim was investigating a loud scream near her house and by accident interrupted a drug deal going down involving the cops. To me that seems plausible given the characters involved and their nature of being corrupt.


If she interrupted a drug deal then forensics could help get her family justice.


That I am not sure about, and cops these days when they have such things like body or dash board cams will turn them off. If such tech was in place when this officer killed this woman, then a timeline can be established that can be used in the prosecution of this case but holding up in court would see some challenges due to being circumstantial. Then again, I am assuming here, because I am not sure what other evidence there is in this case.


My area of the PA Coal Regions was settled by Irish, Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, and other Europeans. Also some Welsh & English. Every neighborhood had it’s ethnic areas; but everyone got along; and assimilation began in one or two generations. We are now mongrels; that being, the most intelligent products of the melting pot. Always best to have a broad genetic pool. If you notice, the most intelligent performing dogs in circuses are always mongrels. That being said: you should never turn lose feral animals in communities populated by humans. I remember when people did not lock their doors; and now I sleep with my 1911 on my nightstand; AND I NEVER EVER leave my home unarmed. Almost forgot; when I lived in Pottsville, many of my neighbors were black; and once again, everyone got along.


I have go into NYC on occasion. I absolutely hate driving in that city.

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Police officer Noor is convicted of murder! I cited the article in the OP. Although according to the charges 3rd degree carries a maximum of 15 years, but I fear he could get a lighter sentence according to the article.

A cold calculated murderer! The eyes tells the whole story! No remorse!


It’s really unfortunate that people like this man manage to not be the ones who die in horrible fires or plane crashes. The world would make more sense if it worked that way.

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I guess. To me, it’s a flip of a coin as to whether he was just totally on the edge and volatile or trying to cover something up by getting rid of a witness.

The woman was naive. It’s dark. There’s a police car. She must have read about cops being murdered in their cars. But… did I mention… it’s dark. And she walks up to the window of the police car. Hmmmmm… kinda like a Darwin award contestant.


Actually they can.

But people (from anyplace) who come with certain sorts of baggage and grudges and who don’t give them up never assimilate, they only turn their new place into their old place ASAP. Islam and criminality are two of these sorts of baggage.

It’s much the same thing that often happens when progressives flee the tax traps that their home States have become … they arrive someplace else and immediately start demanding government do more, tax more … and so they have ruined other States in a domino effect.


I don’t think we should imprison him. A far worse fate would be to return him to his home land. Our prisons are like 4 star hotels to them.


Well the family just settled for 20 million with the city for this tragic event. No amount of money can make this pain go away, but at least the family can live cherishing this poor woman’s memory.

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