Sociology Professor Triggered By "Men Working" Sign

Another example of cultural Marxism at work to undermine societies normals to the point of being absolutely absurd! In fact it is getting beyond absurd, its getting crazy! I call it Lunatic Fringe on the loose!

In many cases, the sign should be changed to:


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Hmm…why did she become a professor instead of joining a road crew? What’s stopping her now?

Yes, I too often walk into my local Burger King and demand that the 18-year-old cashier explain the gender demographics of the staff. This is a professor of sociology, by the way. Explains a lot.

I can only imagine why women wouldn’t want to work dangerous, life threatening jobs. Maybe because women choose not to?..Nah, it must be the patriarchy and toxic masculinity.

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These are the morons teaching our youth , God help us all ! :roll_eyes:

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Well, it backfired on her which is good news. She took the comment down and made her account private. Maybe she learned whatever myopic views she has just don’t jive with the real world. Hope the sting smarts for awhile and she learns something from it.