Social engineering? Gay over representation


Social engineering? I did not make this post as a snipe at the homosexual community. I made it because there is probably a group or two that is way under represented.


From Hollywood? Nah. They never do anything like that. What are you thinking?


Hollywood has been inserting its propaganda lies for years! They only way to fight back is to hit them where it hurts the most! At the box office! Boycott Hollywood!


Luckily, it’s easy to do, all they are making nowadays is mindless regurgitated crap. Even the sheep are getting tired of shit like “stuporman and blunder woman against alt-right hooligans” and “star wars wimmen powah pre-pre-sequel #228”.


Actually the LGWTF community has always been over-represented in Hollyweird. It was just kept in the closet up until the last twenty- thirty years. Who is in the HS drama club/dept. - queers, steers (homely women) and one or two who draw leers (the lookers. It has always been thus, hence the booing at a 'Hamilton" showing - the audience was full of buttdarts.