So much for the laughable science behind the masks

After being rejected by three major journals, an RCT completed by 4,862 participants has been published in the Annals of Internal Medicine . The volunteers were adults spending more than 3 hours per day outside the home without occupational mask use. All were instructed to follow social-distancing and other public health measures, and those in the mask group were instructed to wear a mask when outside the home during the next month.

Infection with SARS-CoV-2 within one month occurred in 42 participants who were recommended to wear masks (1.8%) and 53 control participants (2.1%). The difference of 0.3% was not statistically significant ( p = 0.38). Ordinarily, this would be described as a negative study.

“This should put an end to any Governor claiming that mask mandates are backed by science and data, but it won’t,” writes Kevin Roche of Roche Consulting.

“It should not be used as evidence to not wear a mask,” writes Leah Rosenbaum in Forbes.

Study authors note that results are compatible with a 46% reduction in COVID infection—which could translate into big numbers if you multiply the 0.3% absolute decrease by the total population. But results are also compatible with a 23% increase in infection. Adverse effects of masks are ignored.

Despite lack of evidence that public heath measures such as masks, lockdowns, and “social distancing” measures work, one can always say that they were insufficiently strict. But a study in Marine recruits, in which measures ere enforced with military rigor, showed that about 2% of recruits who at first tested negative became positive by day 14.

Gov. Tom Wolf is mandating use of masks at home when members of more than one household are present, and he hopes to keep COVID out of Pennsylvania by requiring negative tests or a 14-day quarantine of those entering the state. One might recall that frequent tests did not keep COVID out of the White House.

The double standard in evaluating studies of masks vs. studies of prophylaxis and early treatment is stunning. For example, in Indian medical workers, there was no significant difference in mask usage in the community between infected and uninfected workers, but hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) prophylaxis use reduced infection by a statistically significant 65% (from 18.4% to 6.4%, p = 0.021).

The probability that an ineffective treatment generated results as positive as the 143 studies to date of HCQ is estimated to be 1 in 96 billion ( p = 0.00000000001).

Epidemic control measures might have some protective effect although they have obviously not stopped the spread (see graphics below.) Enforcing Marine Corps discipline will not work either. Instead, we urgently need early treatment with cheap, available measures.

A link for the regressives who just can’t figure it all out.

Honestly there is really only one thing to do with the fraudsters.

If you have a toothache and the tooth is just too troubled what do you do?

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People today tout the science when the evince is a lie.

Masks help to stop the spread of COVID-19. We all know they don’t help the person wearing the mask from contracting the virus - they are designed to reduce transmission - and if everyone is wearing a mask :man_shrugging:

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This thread is a good example as to why COVID cases are spiking all across the US. The same people who don’t believe in climate science also don’t believe in basic medicine. They are like lemmings marching off a cliff, except they want to take all of us with them.


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And your comments show the lack of understanding of the corona virus.

The corona virus has mutated into a more infectious virus that is less deadly.

The interesting thing is how uninformed you and th left ar. A product of the media and not science.

It has been proven that masks are not effective as the virus is small than the N95 masks used in hospitals so multiple systems are used like shields and N95 masks but that would also escapee’s you and your ilk.

The Center for Disease Control saying that for the month of July 70% of those who caught COVID-19 were always wearing masks and 85% claim to often wear them.

I suspect you are clueless as to what science actually is. If you were concerned about the climate you would be advocating for serious birth control in the 3rd world, more people = more pollution. Without reducing the world population anything else is just a band aid on a arterial wound.

The left is so controllable by their media and party it’s beyond pathetic.

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They just can’t think for themselves and rationally understand they are being played for fools.

I probably have more luck showing card tricks to my dog than convincing these band of morons! :rofl:

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Great “critical thinking.”

The Lemmings, are the “Lame-ings”

Viruses are able to exist at more then one location at once. They are operating in a much different reality of time and space than a materialist “science” grasps. Real causation is deeper. But don’t mind me.

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