So many are leaving the Democrat party but they continue to win? Why

Another democrat leaves the party, a NY politician just switched to republican, Simina leaves. But we are supposed to believe democrats are Winning elections? This is weird .

I don’t think anyone with an ounce of morality can stay with that party, they know they are cheating, they know they are forcing ppl to vote that normally don’t vote.

It’s a sick power grab.

Duplicating other threads how original. :grinning: You must be starving for attention!:joy:

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Where? I don’t see any threads diving deep into why Democrats are leaving the party.?

Let me guess you don’t understand? Lol

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I suggest it is you that doesn’t understand and for obvious reasons. Like your dumb Welfare queen name calling. :joy:

Stop derailing the #1 thread thanks

Emotionally stunted and delusional! :joy:

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The projecting twins are on fire today! Lol

I think we find our selves in a constitutional crisis

Fight nice kids.



Just a daily onslaught of attacks from two American haters

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No not American haters they just hate you!
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

They’re buying votes from useful idiots that have been programmed to vote for Democrats come he’ll or high water.


Buying is an understatement… lottery winners.

City hall will create some bull shit program call it urban environment studies and hire 400 blacks pay them 80 thousand a year, they don’t do shit not even show up to work, get paid…

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Joe Manchin now says he could become independent, says he won’t rule it out. Wow. How are democrats still winning with so many leaving?

They will continue to vote with the Democrats, so…

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