Snowflakes Complain About the Movie "Ford vs. Ferrari" as having "too Many White Guys"

Holy juju bones! If the reports from these ivy league imbeciles who try to call themselves journalists these days get any louder about their anti white narrative, they might drown themselves without a life line to be saved from narrative suicides!

The Snowflakes can take any moments in history and try to cast dispersion’s as being anti white, even though the movie is about the infamous 24hr LeMans race that was based on Ford’s obsession in defeating Ferrari. Not to mention the main characters were white too.

Maybe it’s time for some of those African exotic car manufacturers to step up & be counted. Laraki Motors, Morocco, eight african cars

Laraki is a Moroccan based company established with the intention to develop and sell wholly African high-performance sports cars. The flagship Laraki Epitome model seen here has a V8 engine capable of producing over a thousand horsepower.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Founded: 1999

  • Ceased operation: 2008

So at 17% and we need more …….WTF
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According to the cultural Marxists, white people can’t have nice things!

Yeah…if a four-hour movie about fragile white males and their never-ending White Male Fragility sounds good, then Ford v Ferrari is the film for you.

I guess trying to rewrite history is lost on you and your false assertions on male fragility!

Making fictional motion pictures based loosely on an event that had two white guys play two white guys is rewriting history? Even if they were to cast two African-Americans, it still wouldn’t be rewriting history since it is a fictional artistic depiction of a historical event.

Yeah ok Nice conflation on your part! The fact you completely miss the thesis of this OP is really saying something about your motives on this forum!

I was speaking to your gripes in the OP and disagreeing with you.

Yeah? And I am disagreeing with you! So I guess we are unable to find common ground! So why not write your own OP instead? It seems you never agree with anybody here, so how is that working for you so far?

Why are you so hateful towards white people? You look white to me. Why do you hate yourself?