Snowden Warns, Big Tech Will "Indenture Entire Populations Into Servitude" To Corporations And Governments

Snowden has it right, again. But I don’t share his ‘note of optimism’ after the dire warning. It’s a dire warning precisely because the outlook for ordinary people to overcome these powers is grim.

Tech giants such as Google or Facebook store vast amounts of personal data for their own gain but they are also “happy to hand over” this data to governments, making people vulnerable to persecution , Edward Snowden warned during an interview with RT.

Any person can pretty much be sure that “everything you’ve done, everything you’ve typed into their search box, everything you have clicked on, everything you’ve liked” is duly recorded and stored in the enormous databanks of the big tech corporations , the NSA whistleblower said addressing the UK Open Rights Group Conference (ORGCON19) in London via a video link from Moscow.

Snowden is a bit out of the loop. Everyone already knows this. Granted, he was the one who got everyone paying attention to what was happening with our data - but he is hardly on the cutting edge anymore.

And we can see what their wet dreams of power and righteousness imply. They live in their billionaire mansions while their homeless serfs live in tents surrounding them, just waiting for the masters to just snatch them off the street, take them through the crap that would make those who created MK Ultra go “Whoa now! Isn’t that a Human Rights Violation?” and just turn them into drones to dance around for their amusement, providing the entertainment while serving them their coffee and pret.

Only a series of global EMP detonations or the Zombie Apocalypse can save us now.