🔴 Smart News...for FREE...Don't Buy It!

Google now offers a free app that they call “Smart News”…and you can download it for free. My, my! What a deal!


My suggestion is to avoid anything “Google” if at all possible…but especially any so-called “news service”.


It’s funny how both Google and Facebook uses Snopes as their ‘expert’ fact checker in labeling news articles as being false, yet (at least in the case of Facebook) when you challenge them with actual proof, they just point you to Snopes ‘official’ opinion and remind you that posting ‘fake news’ may result in suspension.


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I actually use it and it’s pretty good. You can customize it so you only see the sources you want. Occasionally, a NYT article will get snuck in based upon my interests. Sometimes I read those but most of the time I dismiss them. I get ZeroHedge, Breitbart, Fox (for breaking news), Daily Caller, etc. I also will get a range of other sources based on those preferences. They may suppress alternative media and smaller sites on the search engine - but from my user perspective the news delivery is actually quite good.

Google is the liberal far left propaganda machine !!

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It absolutely is - their news app is customizable though and isn’t blocking conservative sources. If it does, I won’t use it but for now it does a great job.

…and I can safely bet that Google has already put your list of interests up for sale. You may get some benefit from using it, but I consider it to definitely be “not free”. Google is in business strictly for the money…not to help people find the truth.

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Yep - I agree with that. Any free app that you download comes with that condition.

That may be a trap. We already know that a senior VP at Google said that they are going to work against nationalism and populism. That they are going to make sure that Trump was just a “blip, a hiccup” Just imagine what they are going to do for the 2020 elections - they may be luring you in and will slowly start the indoctrination. Don’t take the bait.

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5 years ago I would have dismissed your statement as a conspiracy theory. Not anymore. Too much proof that this is exactly what is happening.

And Google tracks you and accumulates information on you and sells it to 3rd party sources.

Google records everything you enter into its search engine.
Even if you only use a few of Google’s free services, “the company retains a large quantity of information about that user, often for an unstated or indefinite length of time, without clear limitation on subsequent use.”
Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Talk, Google Reader, Gmail. Everything Google has ever given you for free collects information about you.

As long as you don’t care that they collect personal information via the cookies the insert into your devices and don’t acre what they do with your information your golden.

I now use DuckDuckGo.com as a search engine. They don’t really care about what you search for…and they don’t keep a record of it.

I don’t get any ads here on PB. Another place I visit, used to show me ads for things I had recently searched for. Since I’ve switched to duckduckgo.com, that has stopped happening.