Slow and Steady: Trump Has Built Less Than Two Miles of [Artistic Steel Slats] So Far!

It’s all good. He clearly has no idea what he’s talking about and has obviously been out of the game for a while.

Everything I have stated is verifiable fact. His is nothing but opinion.

I agree that Trump is completely within the law with his emergency declaration and plans to use the COE and funds clawed back from other programs but that’s irrelevant, it still has to work it’s way through the courts.

Even if/when that is accomplished all the other hurdles still must be dealt with.

I think everyone is getting tired of you being the absolute expert on anything and everything. The fact is you are not correct. Trump can use the Army Corps of Engineers just as I described and he can sweep up money just as I described. Trump can also do sole source selection through the federal acquisitions process in the case of an emergency. Those are all undeniable and indisputable facts. You are spouting off opinion and everyone knows it.

Which is irrelevant. He cannot even begin construction without following existing law.

He cannot simply seize private land.

He cannot proceed against court orders.

Even with single source selection the designs still have to be worked up and approved, and even with no bid contracts the contractors still have to ramp up for production and establish their own supply chains and get enough materials on hand to get started.

He cannot circumvent the courts either and dozens of cases have been filed to stop the construction. Those cases have to work their way through.

Just the basic engineering and geological studies could take six months or a year.

Nearly all the land where the new construction is to take place is in Texas and is privately owned. They have to negotiate with the landowners and for those who don’t wish to sell or grant an easement they have to fight it out in court.

Eminent domain cannot be invoked without an act of congress.

All the tantrums and protestations to the contrary are irrelevant because the facts simply won’t support them.

Right there. You have no goddamn idea what you’re talking about. The president already has the legal authority for these types of civil engineering infrastructure projects. That’s why the United States Army Corps of Engineers exists. They are the only Title 10 military component with such authority.

For the majority of the wall he will not have to. in the cases where land will have to be taken That’s what eminent domain and emergency executive orders are for. Again, you have no goddamn idea what you are talking about.

Court orders can’t stop him from doing what the law already allows him to do. Unless Congress takes away the civil infrastructure authority from the Army Corps of Engineers then Trump can proceed.

As I said looks like you’ve been out of the game for a while. That’s already taken place. There are plenty of designs that have been submitted. Prototypes have been evaluated. Maybe you should pay closer attention before you start pounding away at that little keyboard of yours.

Again, you aren’t paying attention. The Army Corps of Engineers already has all of this data and information. For any type of large construction along the border they would be the ones cutting the permit. In this case they don’t need to issue a permit to themselves.

Texas is only one southern border state. While it certainly is a major one I’d like to see where you are coming up with the majority of land being privately owned. The US already has a massive amount of federal infrastructure along the southern border running through Texas. That land is already owned by the government.

He has had over two…to build a fence. There are no excuses.

I know exactly what I’m talking about. The Corps of Engineers is not exempt from federal regulations, the law, or court orders.

A court order can stop anything whether you think it’s legal or not.

We have statutory law and Bench Law and a TRO can stop the president in his tracks until the cases work their way through court.

A perfect example is the case that recently was decided by the 9th circut overturning a district court which had up to that point succesfully stopped one of the administrations attempts to keep the illegals on in MX while their cases were decided.

The ACE has not done the engineering studies or the geological studies because that information can’t be available until the studies are done.

You’re simply making this up.

An example of the process.

Hearings have to be held, then public comments, then more hearings, before approval can be granted and construction can begin.

We already have 800 miles or so of completed border barriers mostly in AZ, NV, and CA.

Texas is where the majority of planned construction is to take place in the future and nearly all of it is private land.

Lawsuits to stop the wall

The contracts haven’t even been let yet for the new construction.

The COE doesn’t have massive construction capability of their own, they are a civilian engineering agency under the DOD administered through the US Army.

They act as the supervisory agency and award contracts, they don’t dispatch thousands of troops with construction equipment and do the building themselves.

Another challenge.

The RGV sector is the busiest and least secure portion of our border which is why they are expediting construction there.

One of us certainly doesn’t know what they are talking about and it isn’t me.

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I never made the suggestion that they were. Try paying attention instead of always getting so triggered.

I didn’t say one couldn’t. Again, you aren’t paying attention and are getting triggered.

When did I suggest otherwise?

An example that isn’t even relevant to the discussion at hand.

That’s absolutely not true. They have done The studies which is why they are the lead for the contracting effort and will have oversight of the construction project. Feasibility studies were done back when Congress first authorized a wall decades ago. Try paying attention.

Nope. I’m not.

Once again you are not correct. On land that is owned by the federal government that does not need to happen. As long as the environmental impact studies are still good to go they can begin construction.

I never said they did. I know exactly what the Army Corps of Engineers does.

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You were quoted, stop lying.

Nothing but very preliminary work was ever done. In depth studies have to be done, both engineering and geological for every mile of construction once the exact routes are determined and what methods will be used.

The environmental impact studies all have to be done as well and not one shovel of dirt can be turned until all the cases work their way through the courts and all of the studies are done.

If it was as simple as just showing and and starting building with no red tape or lawsuits it would have begun long ago.

Everything I stated is true and the proof has been posted so admit you were wrong, lying, or simply walk away in shame, I don’t care but you have been exposed for all to see.

Maybe the Army Corps of Engineers can use Israel as a model. They sure got their big beautiful US taxpayer funded concrete walls up quickly.

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That is a miniscule amount of wall considering the length of the southern border.

What good will it do when the government policy of dealing with illegal invaders is to coddle them and give them free everything, and now they’re starting a private airline to fly them all over the country.

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Here are the Trump highlights in case anyone is wondering:

  • No wall just some crappy fence repairs.
  • No executive order on Birthright citizenship.
  • Troops on the border that are effectively unarmed.
  • Boosting the H-1B program.
  • Transporting illegals all over the country.
  • Destruction of the First Amendment (that shouldn’t have even been possible)

It’s pretty safe to say that we’re not getting anything we voted for.

And to be perfectly honest I think the demographics to date are enough to ensure that we turn into Brazil in short order.

Seriously? Birthright citizenship cannot be changed by EO since it’s written directly into the 14th Amendment.

Any such attempt would be laughed out of court.

Congress refused to build a big concrete wall and the border patrol wants a wall they can see through so it’s not going to happen.

If we get the new steel slats with plate on the top as proposed it’s goign to go in about four times as quickly and at fraction of the cost of concrete.

We have no choice but to move the detainees out of the border area, there’s no place left to put them and under law they can’t be deported without due process.

Send them to the blue cities and let the democrats who claim to love them learn to live with them at their own expense while the wait.

The first amendment certainly hasn’t been destroyed, that’s ridiculous histrionic BS.

Combat troops have not been deployed to the border so of course they aren’t armed like grunts. By law we cannot deploy combat troops to the border as it violates Possee

The military can only be used within the US for very limited and specific missions.

He didn’t have the funding until this year and guess what?

Despite what all you experts keep telling me the Judiciary is a big hurdle and judges can delay or stop construction at any time with a single ruling.

Here is the diversity hire piece of shit who blocked it.


Yet another Obama appointee. Unforunately during his tenure he was able to appoint almost fifty percent of the sitting district court judges.

Trump however is setting a record pace at getting new judges approved at both the district and court of appeals level so the playing field will definitely favor our side soon.

Unfortunately too, the lefties have become very good at judge shopping picking particular districts in which to have plaintiffs file their lawsuits where they know they’ll get a favorable ruling.

But he does not know the first thing about sole source contracts and the difficulties and justification needed to use that type of acquisition. There would be legal injunctions on day 1 of the award.

I started a half dozen sole source contracts when I was in the government. They were all black programs. Were they not, the justification would have taken more time than simply holding a competition. You people dont know.

They have no idea at all what they are talking about as yesterday’s ruling shows.

They are simply ranting out of blind hatred and anger.

And it was the GOP that refused to fund it. The only new fencing and repair work being done is the same maintenance and improvements that have happened during most all presidential administrations. The “big beautiful wall” that Trump promised will never be built.