Six of the most dangerous Combatants!

Simo Häyhä-Finnish Army- Killed more than 700 Russians and wounded many more. Spent hours hiding in snow banks. Wore a white mask and wrapped his rifle with white bandages. Shot through the mouth. He also killed a special Russian anti-sniper squad unit. Stalin had a a high bounty for his head payable in gold.

Audrey Murphy-US Army-Everyone knows about his bravery when he leaped onto a burning armoured vehicle and stopped a full scale attack on an American position. But his later hunting adventures and dislodging machine gun positions surely places him in the second place position.

Carlos Hathcock-US Marines-I am surprised that Mr. Hathcock did not receive the Medal of Honor for his spending two days on his stomach slowly crawling to his position to take out a North Vietnamese General. One of the many brave ambushes he conducted.

Hans Rüdel-German Air Force-Clearly the Bravest pilot during WW II.He sank a Russian Battleship single handily. Destroyed more than 400 Russian tanks. Landed anywhere to save a downed pilot. He was shot through the shoulder but was able to evade Russian soldiers. Flew when one of his feet was shot off. The only German to receive the Solid Gold Iron Cross.

Major Robert Cain-British Army-I do not know how to express the extreme bravery Major Cain undertook during the Battle of Arnhem. He started his day by ambushing three Nazi Soldiers, refused to surrender and by himself keep loading the horrible PIAT blasting Tiger tanks one after another. He was wounded and refused medication. His uniform was blown off and stood almost nude pounding German tanks. VC recipient.

Adrian Carton de Wiart-British Army-Served in the Borer War, WW 1 and WW 2.Shot 7 times. During the heat of battle during WW 1 he was wounded and his hand was mangled. The field doctor refused to amputate his fingers after his request, so he tore them off and went back into battle. He survived two airplane crashes and escaped after being captured. VC recipient.
There are many more, but that is for another day.


The old man was with OSS 101. 15,000 Japanese killed & wounded. The highest kill - lowest loss ratio in the recorded history of American combat. Look it up. I think 27 Americans were lost. Not likely that will ever be repeated.

Carlos was actually a Marine sniper. A good friend of mine who passed last year was friends with Hathcock and admired him, even though my friend, himself, was put in for the Blue Max and was actually awarded the Navy Cross.

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What about “Mad Jack” Churchhill?

Surely this guy belongs on the list!

Mr. Churchill was nuts! He had guts to fight with a sword. I would suggest honorable mention.