Since we all need a good laugh

Came across this guy on another site. He’s just funny as hell. Enjoy.


This guy has a lot of comedy bits on different subjects but his best stuff is about his reddneck and white “Homeboys”.

This archery bit is a crackup too.

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Awsome! Thanks for posting those.

I wonder what the response would be if a white guy started making comedy bits about his black “homeboys”?

For people with a sense of humor, probably funny. :wink:

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That would depend entirely on the jokes and the delivery.

In his case he’s not trying to make his white “homeboys” look stupid or inferior.

If he were, or if a white guy did the same denigrating his supposed black friends both would go over like a turd in a punch bowl.

Mel Gibson, early versions of his cop movie with Glover.

No, he was just promulgating racial stereotypes about white people. I’m sure that’s why you posted it, rabbi.

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I posted it because it’s funny as hell and I have a sense of humor.

It plays on our own self created stereotypes of staunch 2nd Amendment/Gun Rights advocates.

It’s also mostly true which makes it even more humorous.

With something around 330 million lawfully owned guns in private hands in the US and only about 37% of homes reporting having at least one legal firearm in the home the average gun owner in the US is a white guy with 4-6 firearms.

Survey’s taken of my own students puts that average right at 5.

There’s nothing derogatory, or insulting to whites in any of his pieces I’ve watched and you’d have to work damned hard to find offense in them.

The fact that he makes his entire bit about whites is offensive. Must an entire race of people be reduced to nothing more than streotyoes for his rehashed attempts at low-brow comedy?

Then don’t watch him. In time the redass will fade and you will recover.

In time, the DOTR approaches.

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What is that even supposed to mean? Be specific won’t you?

Why? You know everything. Figure it out. Everyone needs a good laugh.

Just be a man and make yourself plain. What have you got to fear?