SHTF: Travelling Through Sewers

In an SHTF/Insurgent-type scenario, how effective would it for Insurgents to be travelling through sewage lines to avoid police/military above? I’d imagine that if you’re able to map out the sewage lines you can do all sorts of hit-and-run guerrilla shit without anybody noticing your movements. I’d also imagine it’d be hard to track where you’ve been considering you’re trudging through shit and piss the entire time.


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This reminds me of Demolition Man where the elites, leftists, and SJWs all lived above ground in their super safe nanny state and all the real people (i.e., insurgents) lived below ground enjoying freedom from government.

Good luck trying to convince your buddies to tag along for the rest of the fight while swimming in shit and piss. Shitposting aside, the gov won’t have any problems in sending fleshbots down the drain to hunt down dissidents. At best, it will make the fleshbots angry by having them sniffing shit 24/7 while hunting you.

Not as retarded as that Maoist retard that wrote something about setting up a “Foco” in the florida everglades.

Did not hear about that one, do you have a link to that story?

Going all Mario brothers in straight up sewers will get you killed by drones and ricocheting anything in there. Blasts, flashbangs, gas, smoke….donezo.

Drainage pipes in cities for short term movement, sure, but only if previously checked to not get your crew super AIDS

Newer and more modern cities like Seoul are way more conducive to sewage warfare™ as they have open drainage trenches with open grates, which makes good areas for quick cover from the streets to get away from sightlines IMHO.

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A few very big issues with this friend.

  1. you will increase your chances of catching hep a/b/c, TB, and a slew of other shit crawling around in a literal shit pit.

  2. you can very easily get stuck or meet a pipe that is too small, this leads to

  3. toxic fumes that will either suffocate you or straight up kill you if it’s really bad shit

  4. risk of drowning in shit water, this is especially more dangerous if you get stuck, don’t know your way out, if it’s precipitating, or some combination of all 3

  5. aggressive wildlife, alligators, raccoons, and possibly even urban youfs, these usually are mean as fuck and carry more biohazard shit than you care to know about

  6. cops will catch on and either drown or gas you out, at which point they will shoot you and push you back in, cause lets face it, who the fuck wants to grab an assfull of disease and muck, I sure as fuck DO NOT

  7. sewers are not roads, and are usually limited to their own neighborhoods or districts, but these are usually storm drains, large cities may have a more complex sewage system, but all the more likely for you to get lost and die.

Any questions?

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Hey, go for it; rid the world of some screwballs. Already enough passengers on the Bellevue Express, in the world up above.

There was a guy in Vegas who would commit robberies, retreat to a storm drain opening, where he had a motorcycle waiting, then drive like hell away before police could even figure out where he went. Watch out for crackheads and rain though. I see reports of homeless people drowning to death all the time because they don’t evacuate when it’s raining, and crackheads will shank you without a second notice for your stuff if you every go there unarmed.

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You know that modern sewage workers go into sewage all the time and don’t get sick because they follow basic hygiene rules, like not touching your face or rubbing your eyes?

Wearing watertight pants (fishing gear) will prevent most problems, and wearing long sleeve gloves will prevent the rest.

They make extra sure that their vaccinations are up to date as well and carry a gas meter around, but that’s it for protection.

Also: you won’t be wading through shit. Those canals that are meant to be walked through have walkways which are high enough above the waterline that they are dry unless a pretty hefty storm hits.

Even if SHTF and pumps fail it would take weeks for sewers to back up and clog completely. They are designed so gravity takes care of most things.