Should we test people over U.S. history to give them the ability to vote?


I believe it is more important for an informed voter to understand the issues and where each candidate stands on those issues. The voter could then find the candidate that best matches their position on those issues.


I think it’s most important for voters to understand that they are getting ass blasted by the political establishment.


Ass blasted when conversation turns to queers and transvestites. :rofl:

That will do it every time.


Whom are you responding to?


You-know-who over at you-know-where.


Actually I don’t … there are soooo many possibilities. :wink:


I should have referred to them as things, because that is what they are- objects with no emotional empathy, or rather, selective empathy.


I’d say we need both. Trying to fix what is taught in schools could take decades and would do nothing about all the ignoramooses currently voting.


Now the “content of character” speech scares the bejesus out of them to the point that they claim it is offensive if you quote it.


Right. Then libs turned around and said “why are you cons so concerned about who is in the next stall?” It WAS THEM who were demanding to let men use the ladies room.