Should States Give Away Free Naloxone?

In Pennsylvania, People Lined Up For Free Naloxone
The state made the medication available to anyone free of charge — no questions asked. It is part of Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s effort to address the opioid crisis.

I’m not necessarily against this, but I do wonder, why not free Insulin, why not free cancer treatments, free antibiotics, etc etc. Why enable the drug addicts?

Also, we know free does not mean free.

Is it better to save a drug addict, or a person with diabetes? Everyone seems to think that drug addicts deserve a second chance but people with
other illnesses don’t. Thoughts?

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I say let the junkies OD and die. Hard working and sober people are getting pulled over the coals for basic life saving medicine like insulin and Epi-Pens…while junkies get narcanned repeatedly per month and taxpayers eat the cost.

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The Democrats need to keep their voter base of criminals and degenerates alive long enough to reclaim the majority permanently and kill us all.

This will end well… .

They aren’t saving addicts lives, they are just enabling them, perpetuating the problem, and creating new addicts.

If they wanted to help people by giving away free medicine of any kind they could have chosen something that actually saves lives like as you said, Insulin, or maybe chemo.

What they are doing here is actually illegal and unethical as hell. Marcin can only be given to a patient with a doctors prescription or approval, a doc can’t approve it or write a script for it unless they have seen the patient and seen an medical need for it.

Whatever pharmacies or drug companies are involved here are putting themselves at serious risk legally. When administered inappropriately or to a patient who doesn’t need it the side effects can include death from cardiac arrest.

Exactly !!! It shows what nitwit dems are concerned with most , law breakers and drug addicts . On one hand they allow illegals to flow freely into our Country bring deadly drugs supplied by Mexican cartels and then taxpayers foot the bill for free Naloxone . Will those nitwits dems ever get our priorities in the correct order ?

Food addicts are just as degenerative. The difference is, food addiction is being spread as “body acceptance” and “beauty at all sizes”, and others are using it as an excuse for poor self-discipline and gluttony. And “free”? Please, it is just the Pennsylvania gov’t routing the tax money around to buy votes for the next election. “you still want your ‘free’ naloxone’? Vote for us!”

An excellent point.

Better to have drug addicts who can get free drugs, are syringes, a safe place to shoot up that help a productive member of society.

I’m tired of hearing about the so called “opioid crisis”, & I’m not sure why all of a sudden it’s time to care about drug addicts.

I don’t. Narcotics Anonymous (NA) has been around for years to help them get clean & they’re a wonderful group of people.

Forget free Naloxone, & I think we all know what f word I’d like to use.