Should Kerry Be Prosecuted for Violating The Logan Act?

Trump says that former Secretary of State John Kerry should be prosecuted for violating The Logan Act.


Yep. Kerry… a known traitor from way back.



Kerry was certainly colluding with foreign countries after leaving his job. He didn’t file as a foreign agent which others have jail to face.

Double standard? You bet.

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John Kerry has been a traitor for decades. He got early release from service in Vietnam due to 3 band-aid Purple Heart injuries (one of which he inflicted upon himself…a sliver of shrapnel that almost fell out of his arm by itself) which were questionable regarding severity.

After his early out, he came back to the US and campaigned against the war, accusing fellow soldiers of murder.

Fuck John Kerry!

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Weren’t John McCain and Kerry “War buddies”? They were both serving in Vietnam.

If I was walking down the street, and John F’en Kerry was on fire i the middle of the street…
And all I had to do to save him was piss on him…
Much as I would like to, I would have to keep walking