Should Immigration be halted until MOST occupants love America?

Should Immigration be halted until MOST occupants love America?

When will the momentum shift to those who want America to fail?

Shouldn’t we stop all immigration until most people love this country?

Most or at least more than currently do.

Immigration should be halted, and mass deportations must begin, so that demographics can shift back to pre-illegal invasion ratios - and that is just a start.


Obvious question: - If freely allowing immigrants will enrich us all, why the hell arent they enriching their own countries right now?


We should just stop all immigration, including the H1-B scam. They don’t need to come here. We don’t need them. Let them make their own countries something to be proud of.


I liked your post.

But I have heard the President cite a need for more skilled laborers due to a shortage of skilled Americans.

The strategy, I believe was to dumb us down so we would have to bring in foreigners who would satisfy the business owners, and those foreigners would become our masters because only they would have the know-how to make stuff work.

Who do you hear when you talk to your computer or IT or ISP tech support line?

All forms of immigration should be shut down. Of course the DNC would immediately file a lawsuit, but in reality they only care about illegals.

I think it’s pretty obvious why the DNC acts like they don’t want to stop illegal immigration… because they DONT! They are gaining political might from waves of illegal aliens and they have nothing else going for them right now. Despicable.

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That is complete and total bullshit.

They pay third worlders a fraction of what they would pay an American for doing the same task because the third worlder will take it and live like shit.

How do you figure that?

Well for starters…colleges are primarily graduating people in the STEM fields at crazy high rates but none of them get jobs because Pajeet from India who doesn’t bathe, shits in the street, and can barely speak English will do the job for a fraction of the price based on some copy/paste skills he learned on YouTube and with a degree from an Indian diploma mill that cost a few hundred bucks.

H1-B was for specialized skills. Not this shit.

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The immigrants love America for the generous taxpayer funded benefits they receive. They are not forced to learn English, are provided trsnslators at every opportunity and allowed tohave drivers licenses in certain states .
Some " Dreamers" with college help receive in state tuition.
Why wouldn’t immigrants love America???

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I support halting ALL immigration indefinitely from ALL countries.

You will LOVE this funny and insightful talk by Tucker Carlson.

It will make you want to take notes it is so great.

Your comments do not prove my statement to be bullshit.

I wasn’t disproving your statement. I was disproving the president’s statement.

I also think Donald Trump would agree with me. What he says and what he does are often two different things. It just means you need to pay closer attention to his actions and not just his words.

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We do have a need for skilled labor and immigrants that are desirous of WORKING those jobs that need filling. Trump’s plan of MERIT BASED admission by way of legal immigration makes sense to fill our need for workers.

The Democrat Party, on the other hand wants nothing but votes and more people dependent on the government. Hence, they prefer unlimited immigration…legal or not.


I completely agree with merit based immigration.

Key points are:

  • Proficiency in English
  • A profession, skill or trade that is in demand and will allow self support, not dependence on government.
  • No chain migration. If your spouse doesn’t meet the criteria it is an immediate disqualification
  • Verifiable, clean history
  • An understanding of American laws and a desire to integrate.

I’m sure there are many other good points as well.

I think we should be more like Israel.

On Fox & Friends this morning there was a citizenship induction ceremony for several legal immigrants that served or are still serving in our military. Several of them expressed their dedication to the country, the Constitution and assimilating into the American culture.

On the other hand we have illegal immigrants that come here as criminals seeking targets or social leeches seeking freebies from the government coffers.

The Democrat Party prefers the latter because they tend to vote for the Democrats that promise all the freebies. Socialism can be bought. It works until the money dries up. Then it’s on to rationing, anarchy, martial law and communism.


Yeah, and we the Citizens expected a wall built, DACA ended, illegals deported and work visa issuances stopped two years ago. That shit hasn’t happened.

Yeah, those foreigners that Trump staffs his properties with…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: