Shots fired at Trump caravan ahead of LA rally… 3 male suspects barricaded, SWAT on scene

“It was mostly a peaceful shooting!” :rofl:

SWAT responds after shots fired in Woodland Hills where pro-Trump caravan was passing through

A police helicopter circled overhead and authorities used a loudspeaker to tell residents to stay indoors, said Chantel Bonet, who lives in a townhouse at the complex in the Woodland Hills neighborhood.

A woman driving past the caravan on Ventura Boulevard said she heard what sounded like gunshots around 11:30 a.m. and then noticed her tire went flat after being damaged by a projectile, possibly a bullet, Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Officer Will Cooper said.

Another person then told police that a person with a firearm was in a balcony in a nearby apartment building in the 20600 block of Ventura Boulevard, according to LAPD spokesman Josh Rubenstein.

Officers have set up a perimeter and a SWAT team responded to the scene. LAPD Valley Bureau Deputy Chief told the L.A. Times that the department obtained a photo of man with a rifle on the balcony of an apartment unit.

Guess I missed all this. Watched no news.

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Things are getting crazy. I hate to be on the receiving end when the blowback happens. I don’t know when but it happening it will!

The left is getting scared that Trump is going to win.

Guess they figure they’d better get it out of their systems now before the spanking comes.

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Most of us stop watching the news and seeing all the looting , arson , and murders by these peaceful protesters . When will the dems do something in their Cities ? I feel for whites living in areas where there are 40% blacks or more become they are the targets . Insurance in these areas will skyrocket and soon we will ALL pay for the damage !!!

It’s going to be interesting to see how they are going to try to pass this onto the tax payer when it comes jury trials!

Federal aid to dems cities of course . Too incompetent to fail !!!