Shopping & Check Out in Japan


We need to have this for self-checkout here in the US!

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The little baskets must be expensive. There’s a scanner in each one. I wonder if the basket keeps up with the shopper’s running balance as items are added.

I used to carry a calculator when shopping. Now I just round everything up to the next dollar and keep up with it in my head.

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Appears to be one of the convenience stores open 24-7.
I have never seen this checkout or basket myself.

If see one, I’ll complain I’m too dumb to operate this thing.
(They’ll have no choice and come and help me finish the purchase)

Could be that there’ll be no employee in the store, just a cop and a paddy wagon outside the front door waiting for the shoplifter beeper to go off and the basket to spray a marker dye on you. :rofl:

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That is so very cool! Yes, we do need these in our stores. It would cut down on the long lines. And as an added bonus, you could “pay” for your items with your phone. Instead of just swiping your credit/debit cards. JMO

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I think we already have devices that can scan the square matrix codes (that are similar to bar codes…I don’t know what those are called.) from the phone display screen.

I know that events using Freshtix can verify valid ticket purchases that way.

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Seems like that would be an incredibly expensive way to do self checkout to me.

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That is likely why we don’t do it…yet. The video may have been made in a prototype store…or a studio.

Helluva lot cheaper to do it “The Walmart Way”.

The Japanese as a culture are always pushing to make everything technological/robotic even when it doesn’t make sense.