Shocking data on education relative to immigration

1960’s is when we changed our immigration laws. Pretty shocking news doesn’t lead with this story.

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That’s what happens when you import 2nd grade dropouts !

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In the 1960s, most high school graduates didn’t go to college. Today about half do.

Why do they go? Because you will earn more money if you have a college degree.

Leaving aside the professions and ‘hard’ subjects – medicine, law, engineering, science, mathematics – what is it about a college degree that employers want? What did someone’s degree in feminist anthropology actually do for them, to make them employable?

Answer: nothing. The degree is signal to employers that you are willing to sit still, take orders, that you can sort-of read, and write. The actual content of degrees in history, philosophy, social science, etc are of little interest to employers.

This has all been brilliantly explained in a book by Bryan Caplan: The Case Against Education: Why the Education System Is a Waste of Time and Money
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If you haven’t been to college yet, by all means go! You’ll benefit from having that signal. And if you’re actually interested in anthropology or philosophy or psychology, etc … you’ll probably enjoy learning about these subjects.

But the huge costs of higher education are largely wasted. If we closed down all the non-professional and non-technical degrees – just leaving math, science, engineering, law, medicine – it would not hurt the country’s economy one bit.


Today’s campuses are nothing more than indoctrination camps for the far left .