Shocked, I Tell You! Bernie Says Single Payer Requires Tax Increases

Someone has to pay for all the illegals healthcare as they will also be covered.

For them, it’s FREE.

(It’s paid for with OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY! a socialist fashion. The government controls the industry whether it owns it or not.)

Power is spending, spending is power … the Left would do anything for power.

Everything else is whitewash, pabulum to entice the gullible voter.

Exactly! Just look at the power that Nancy Pelosi has exerted in the border wall (fence, barrier, etc) issue…simply by REFUSING THE FUNDING.

And unfortunately Trump bowed to her and gave her a gift.

He should make them fight for every dime they want going forward.

The Utopians think they are not constrained by the following:

Good, Cheap, or Fast, pick any two…

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