Ship a Socialist Overseas! 😃

The big man has spoken. Y’all don’t want me here, and I don’t want to be here.

If I were to start an online fundraiser, such as Kickstarter or GoFundMe or something like that, would y’all chip in? Every penny is one step closer to getting rid of another Bernie-Sanders-loving hippie, and I can go live in Scandinavia where it’s cold.

Thanks, and have fun Making America Great Again :slightly_smiling_face:

*Edit: Funny thing is, Trump himself could give me a small loan of $1M, and that’d be enough to care for my family for a decade. That’s 0.04% of his wealth. If it only cost you LESS than a TENTH of a penny to get rid of someone, wouldn’t you do it?

So you are a fan of socialism! That’s great to hear and it’s also great that you want to do everyone a favor and move somewhere else!

I do have one burning question for you though…

Why can’t you afford to pack up and leave on your own?



Are you an African or Arab Muslim? If you aren’t then you aren’t going to get into any Scandinavian country.

They have made their immigration preferences quite clear.

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No one said they didn’t want you here. The president said if you aren’t happy here, you can leave. It’s true. You can leave. Just don’t expect to go to whatever country you want to go to because unlike America most other countries have standards.

I’m working a job where I get paid 13 cents a minute, and if I’m lucky I get 20 hrs a week, and for that matter, they don’t work me year-round. There are off-seasons where nothing happens. As an example, I made $3,442 last year, while the cost of living in the US is estimated at $48,540 (not even including rent).

“Why not just work more / get another job?” Because my health won’t allow it. I can only work for oh-so long before I burn out and then become entirely useless.

“Why not get treatment for your health?” Because I don’t have the money to pay for insurance

“Why not get on welfare?” Because according to the government, I’m too poor to qualify for financial aid, not disabled enough for disability assistance, and apparently students don’t need to eat because if I’m going to school I also have to be working a minimum of 20 hrs/wk, which I don’t usually get.

I’d stay in America if we had socialized medicine, Food Stamps for All, and actually believed in and enforced the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but nobody seems to care about that stuff, so I’ll go where they do. You all won’t have to live under socialism, and I can do whatever.

I grew up dirt poor with a disabled parent. I know what you’re talking about but I think you need to keep looking for assistance. Maybe your local city or town doesn’t fully understand your situation. It also wouldn’t hurt to reach out to some charities. You clearly have access to a computer, go get on a freelancer website and do some virtual assistant work. People pay top dollar for an American to handle personal stuff for them. You can charge double what the hadjis charge and you’ll get it.

You actually can’t do whatever. Like @Humongous said…you won’t be taken in in any country in Scandinavia unless you are an African or Arab Muslim. A lot of those countries are also starting to dial back how many economic migrants they are accepting. Since you come from the US they will not let you in. You could go there as a tourist but if you get caught staying there longer than you are allowed to you will be put in jail and then deported. The people who don’t get caught are the ones who fly below the radar, support themselves, and don’t cause any trouble.

Bruh…do you honestly think you can just show up somewhere as a foreigner and demand free shit?

Where do you think you’re going, the USA?

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Getting benefits is actually easy. Sounds like you haven’t tried or you’re too lazy to fill out the paperwork. When I got laid off a few years ago I collected unemployment. When I got a new job I called the unemployment office and told them to stop paying me. They kept paying me for an additional 6 months and I had to fight with them to take the money back. They literally want you addicted to welfare.

Funny thing is, Trump himself could give me a small loan of $1M, and that’d be enough to care for my family for a decade. That’s 0.04% of his wealth. If it only cost you LESS than a TENTH of a penny to get rid of someone, wouldn’t you do it?

Hell yeah! That’s my plan to fix the illegal Immigration crisis. It’s cost effective and quick.

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Funny thing is, loans are usually paid back. If you could pay back a $1 million loan then you don’t need Trump to give one to you. Just go down to your bank and fill out the paperwork.

That is the great thing about America. Freedom. Freedom of choice.

If you don’t want to be here, no one is holding you back from wherever it is you’d like to go. We believe you have the right to make the best decision for yourself.

Unlike many countries who would ensure you cannot ever leave. Especially if you have family members who will suffer the consequences for your decision (defection).

To answer your question, no I would not “chip in”. You can earn your one way flight to wherever your heart takes you.

Your destiny is on you. Not on me or anyone else. Regardless of it being a tenth or a hundredth or a thousands of a penny.

Your destiny is on you. Not on me.

Maybe you could be inspired by reading about people who have overcome loss and the actual spirit/mindset of how they overcome obstacles.

Feed your mind with I can, rather than I cannot.

The absolute worse obstacle you have to overcome is giving in to your mind telling you that you “can’t do it”. You can choose to be a victim or you can choose to overcome.

If you don’t have a fighting spirit (not all do) then you do need to carve out a place that best suits and will be willing to support you.

The solution! Work harder and be smarter and stop indulging! Learn from the Chinese!:grinning:

Wow, $1M will last your family for a decade? So, you want 100K per year for 10 years out of the pocket of someone who has earned it because you are…WinterLover.

As this is a “loan” what interest plus principal are you going to start paying in year 11?

Money, like time, is relative. If 0.04¢ is all it takes for 10 years, how many people could I help if I gave up just $1.00?

$1.00 / 0.04¢ = 25 people

A single hour of work for me is equivalent to helping out 200 people. If I only had to work for ONE HOUR in order to help TWO HUNDRED people for TEN YEARS, well yeah! Hell yeah! Sign me up!

*Edit: Oh shit! This is 200 FAMILIES, a family of four, so MULTIPLY that number by 4! = 800!!!

Show of hands - Who here has a sense of humor? Because if this thread is to continue, it will probably be as a joke thread since I got my answer. which is, No, nobody would pitch in to a fundraiser.

From here on out, it’ll probably be just me saying silly shit about said idea

My dumb ass: * cobbles together anything I can find to make a raft *

2 weeks later:

Why aren’t at work right now?