Shepherd Smith Axed at Fox News!

Great news! Another asshat suffering from TDS Shep Smith gets the can! Of course he says he is leaving the network, truth be told his on air dispute with Tucker Carlson was the reason the network decided to act by offering an ultimatum to Smith! Smith’s ego was just too big, now he is free to join MSNBC, CNN to continue his anti Trump butthurt where brain dead libtards will welcome him with open arms! Good riddance!

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I have a good nickname Trump can use for Shepherd Smith: Liberace

The only problem CNN has is, guys like him are a dime a dozen at CNN and pretty much every other network. Good luck with your new gig doing local news in Baltimore, Liberace.

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That is good! I met the idiot some years ago and he is as Prima Dona as they get! A complete flamer with his head up his own ass! Can’t stand the ■■■■■■ and Glad he is getting what he deserves!

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Shep Always an assssshole !

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It’s a shame that Fox News got rid of the last honest reporter that they had.

“It’s a shame that Fox News got rid of the last honest reporter that they had.“


Maybe him and Don Lemon will be BUTT BUDDIES!!!

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This is great!

Best thing to happen to Fox in Decades.

He quit them, for good reason. Carlson refusing to defend Napolitano was the straw…

Napolitano is a narcissistic ass, who never quite got over being rebuffed by Trump for a SCOTUS appointment! So Carlson was right for calling his Butthurt nevertrumper out! Smith is suppose to report the news not criticise people he disagrees with politically which he often did! Smith was canned because his ratings were in the toilet and most viewers couldn’t stand his over the TOP on air bias as well as his blow hard personality in telling people how they should think! Good riddance to the pompous ass, he won’t be missed!

If anyone exposes the narcissistic ass in the WH the red hatters turn on them…:rofl:

Which has nothing to do with this threads topic! Couldn’t help clowning yourself again huh Monte?

We’ve got plenty of them in circulation for Trump rotflmao…

Hey thanks! You can always be counted on for lowering the level of discourse here with your TDS yet again!