She will be missed!

RIP Diana Rigg!

The Avengers - First and Last Appearances of Mrs Peel - Diana Rigg (1938 - 2020)


She was hot but not as hot as 99 from Get Smart

Oh, I thought you were missing RBG…

In your case, you might as well be.

Maybe you should learn to write comprehensible English first before posting things in order to sound witty. Your retarded statements says so all the time.

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The content of the discussion is irrelevant for you.
I have noted that you get triggered by people who (you think) are smarter than you.
Mike Adams, Magog, just to mention a few.

Thanks! Every time you post something you prove my point even more. Your statement has nothing to do with this threads topic and it’s more of the same from you derailing a thread because you need attention! Maggot has nothing to do with this discussion and you bringing him up says you’ve got nothing better to offer than to exercise your passive aggressive behaviour here! Try harder little one your lack of intelligence is showing! Remember moderators now know your pattern here!