Shameful Leftists that Make Our Country Look Bad!

It is stuff like this that makes me ashamed to call such cowards my fellow countrymen.
A couple of North Korean Defectors who were wearing MAGA hats when they encounter some thugs on the street who took their hats from them. Little did anyone know, these people were North Korean defectors working for the church in order to get food and aid to the starving North Korean people. Its sad because not only were these peope shocked by what happened, but it gives a bad impression of what our country is. This is downright wrong and these people who did this should be ashamed! I digress! THIS IS NOT AMERICA!

More on what these people are doing and its for a good cause. A lot of innocent people are suffering in North Korea right now!

In my personal opinion, I believe the left are antsy. They don’t take the time to digress and maybe try to understand what they are really doing. Of course, there are many “aggressive” people on the left, are unhappy for many different and sometimes impassive reasons. Therefore, they have to say/do things to “please” their fan base. Or they will become part of the #Metoo movement themselves. So, instead of being the lion…they are the sheep…following the herd. Because, they have nothing (or no one really) to look up to.

This is absolutely SHOCKING! It is crazy to me that an African-American would get so aggressive with complete strangers in public. This is so out of character and unexpected.


When you take the good guys off the street, you don’t get a good sample of the whole black male population. The 13% of black men who voted for trump were at work or helping their dads.

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I believe it is due to their upbringing, am I right? Lol
(Meaning, their parents with their ideology.)

I think you mean parent.


Yes, thank you for clarifying.

Them racyst conservatives harassing the minority oh wait.


Liberals watch their politicians, celebrities, and media leaders attack individuals, even children, and our precious civil liberties. Instead of recoiling, they immediately parrot the vicious talking point of the day.


When I see things like this, I begin to think that humanity is losing its good will and perspective. Sometimes Man is a bad animal!

It’s people like Maxine Waters who last two years was inciting violence and even encouraging others to follow through.

Rep. Maxine Waters called on her supporters to publicly confront and harass members of the Trump administration in response to the “zero tolerance” policy that led to the separation of families at the border.

Mainly Trump officials.

It’s people like Ilhan Omar and her endless anti-semitism remarks. Her callous and unmistakable “voice” is dangerous to America. But she is allowed (Under the First Amendment - Free Speech) to speak her mind - regardless of the severity and consequences.

It’s people like Chris Cumo, Don Lemon and others who are basically “encouraging” and wilding up their base. Because the further the left you go - is going to be “etched in stone”.

I could go on…