Sexual predators could be working as police officers because of poor vetting procedures

:roll_eyes: What was I saying on here a few days ago about the police service and the other public services in the UK being made dysfunctional because of rampant bureaucracy? It would be amusing were it not so ominous.

There has long been a criminal element working within our police forces giving the genuine honest and hard working officers a bad name.

Maybe this explains why all of these grooming gangs were allowed to roam free preying on little girls! The sick and twisted pedo cops were in on the whole thing!

I am pretty sure this is a pandemic (in practise) in the UK.

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I think these pieces of shit are embedded across law enforcement agencies at every level throughout the United States on Europe. How else do these human traffickers and pedophiles keep getting away with it?

I often put it like this: There’s the A team, without which we would be in deep doo-doo, and the B team, which we’d be better off without, and richer too, because they’re a waste of space. For example, the Jean Charles de Menendez incident: what kind of dumb cretin would put 7 repeat 7 bullets into someone’s head to make sure he’s dead when there was no need to, because he was sitting in an underground carriage quietly reading a newspaper?

May that innocent young lad rest in peace.

Sometimes the good cops are ordered to turn a blind eye on pedaphilia.

That also answers Claire’s post no. 2