Serial Black Felon Fatally Stabs 80-Year-Old White Grandmother to Death in Walgreens Parking Lot


Rosalie Cook and Randy Lewis

The two white men who shot that jogger in self-defense were denied bond, but not this guy.

I guess the court didn’t think he’d be much of a threat to the public – after all, he’s only been arrested more than 67 times.

An elderly woman was fatally stabbed in a Walgreens parking lot Saturday by a career criminal who was out on bond.

80-year-old Rosalie Cook, who was widowed and lived on her own independently, had just picked up a prescription when the monster approached her in the parking lot and stabbed her in the chest.

“What makes me angry is this suspect stabbed an 80-year-old woman then goes down, rifles through her stuff and tries to steal her car,” Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said.

Randy Lewis, 38, was reportedly menacing people and begging for money at a nearby grocery store before the crime.

A responding officer arrived shortly after the stabbing and ordered Lewis out of Cook’s car. When Lewis attempted to rush the officer with the knife, he was shot twice, fatally.

“This is tragic, but the most tragedy here is that a woman has died from a guy who attacked her for no other reason other than to steal from her and carjack her,” Acevedo said.

Lewis had been arrested more than 67 times in his life.

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Horrid and disgusting.

Death penalty should be the punishment. Don’t force people to have to pay the 100,000 a year to keep him alive.

Give him real due process, not like what he did to this woman, but not what the race baiters will want.



Isn’t it amazing that they let people like this roam free while arresting tax paying, working people for breaking with BS quarantine restrictions.

What about the barber who had his license stripped from him? Is this really the path we should be going down and why are people putting up with it?

I think there is an “enough is enough” sentiment not just brewing but ready to spill over.

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Wasn’t he killed by the police? The article said : “shot twice fatally”

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I’m wondering why I haven’t been seeing wall to wall coverage on this? If they have the time and resources to cover the criminal jogger in Georgia why aren’t they covering this terrible story in the same way? Oh, I know, it’s because it doesn’t fit their agenda in any way, shape, or form.

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I guess I was so disgusted I didn’t finish the article

Yes he’s dead

Ah Ok. I thought it was me that misread it! :rofl: I was on my phone and not wearing my glasses when reading this.

Good for the police, they saved taxpayers alot of money and gave him an early execution.
Have the SJWS filed an excessive force lawsuit and demand "Sensitivity Training " for the police to her families grief. The policemen should be given an award for their actions

It’s a good thing they let him out of jail. They need to make room for all of the people who are opening up their businesses to their customers.

Pretty disgusting. I’m surprised Biden even has any percentage of support

Just goes to show how many unhinged there are in this country.

Arrested 67 times? If even 20% of those resulted in convictions, bring accessory to murder charges on the idiots that let him out of prison.