Sept. Jobs Report: 136,000 New Jobs, Unemployment Drops to 3.5% – Lowest in 50 Years

Well what can anyone say about a great economy that is performing beyond expectations? You wouldn’t know it by all the whining being done by all the left. Imagine when more is done to unleash the burdens that were to put into place to fund fraudulent democratic policies such as lowering the capital gains tax, and corporate tax rate?

Demand for workers remains very strong

Wage Growth also remains very strong at 2.9%


With the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, you’d expect robust wage growth…but that didn’t happen.

Yeah? What is robust wage growth according to you? Comparatively speaking to past reports? Support your argument with facts otherwise you are just proving my point that all you guys do is bitch!

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The only wage growth that can be seen as positive as of late are those who earn the absolute lowest. The only reason that those wages have risen is in large part to higher minimum wage laws in large cities across the US.


Seems like all is growing, so your assertion that only low wage is growing is incorrect. The high wage is growing as well, but because its not jumping off faster is because that usually takes higher educated skill workers to fill those positions which are fewer. Hence the fact that H-1 Visas were being granted to fill the demand, so your argument is a false pretense! The economy is growing as expected and will continue to grow, just not fast enough to satisfy your narrative. The reality is it takes time.

Looking truthfully at the aggregate is something you lefties refuse to do.


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But that would affect income inequality negatively, and we can’t have that, comrade.

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Low-end wages are not rising because of the $15/hour laws. They’re rising because of low unemployment. A smaller pool of potential employees means employers have to offer more money to get an employee. That’s why an influx of millions of ILLEGALS (yes, I can still call them that) DEPRESSES wages for low-end workers.

Globalists (of both parties) keep saying mass immigration (both legal and illegal) is good for America. NO, it’s good for business owners who can pay sub-minimum wage wages and keep more profit for themselves.

These same politicians rail against wealth inequality, yet institute policy which drives an increase in wealth inequality.