Senator Elizabeth Warren Announces Run for President



Elizabeth Warren is announcing in Lawrence, MA today. You can watch on C-SPAN.

Little Joe Kennedy is introducing her now with a passionate speech.


Child care, Medicare and Education FOR ALL…(and it’ll be FREE!)

Green NEW DEAL!!!

Do away with the Electoral College!



They really upset about that electoral College…never mind the fact it was set up precisely to protect us from these freaks.


Plenty of illegal immigrants and deceased folks there, that will vote for her in that sanctuary city


That’s precisely why they hate it…it does what it is supposed to do.


I’m surprised she announced. I thought she’d decide not to.
She’ll get Pocahontased to death by her opponents.


It’s going t be fun…I on other hand will be throwing gas on the fire. :grin:


3 hours ago CNN posted that Warren will run for President. 22 likes at this moment. I don’t know if it’s more comical that only 22 people would vote for her or that there are only 22 brainwashed CNN zombies left.


I suspect she’ll be taken out in the primaries like Kamala Harris, and (if she runs) ‘Tony the enforcer’ Klobuchar’.
Warren: “My opponents have too much baggage, Sen Harris had a tawdry affair with a married man to ‘ride to the top’ of CA politics, Sen Klobuchar has the second highest turnover rate in the House, behind Sheila Jackson Lee (makes finger circles around ear while saying it)”

Harris: “My opponent must be suffering from age related dementia, she didn’t mention that Willie Brown was estranged from his wife already’ and for a champion of the little guy, she demands 400 K per year to teach one class at Harvard- pretty regular guy stuff, if you’re on acid. And Sen. Klobuchar was even rebuked by Harry Reid, one of the sleaziest politicians of all time”

Klobuchar: “Yes I’m mean, and small, and frankly quite ugly, but I’m man enough, er, wo man enough to stand up to the little guy, I mean for the little guy”

Should be entertaining.


Elizabeth Warren will find out now what Trump went through when he announced.

The opponents will dig up every little dirt on her, they will interview every friends, boy friend girl friend, teacher they can find , after he life gets turned upside down, she will regret her decision for running.

Kamala will regret her decision for running.

After the last election, anyone who has future ambition for higher offices will have to be cleaner than Caesar’s wife

Warren got a taste of it when she first ran for senator in her home state, the guy she defeated brought up the native indian ancestry, but he had his own skeletons

She attacked Trump on many occasions and Trump will repay the favor


Will her battle cry be Geronimo !!! :rofl::rofl::rofl: