Senate Democrats considering blocking all legislation that doesn't reopen the government

From where I sit, isn’t that pretty much what they already do. They already seem to have been hellbent on shutting down any legislation that doesn’t give them everything they want. How would this be any different?

"(CNN)Senate Democrats will try to block action on a Syria sanctions bill when it comes up for a vote Tuesday, an effort to keep the focus on the government shutdown.

Democrats also will discuss at their weekly policy lunch Wednesday whether to broaden that blocking tactic to all legislation, according to a senior Democratic aide."

MSNBC just showed how bad the shutdown could be for America.

My conclusion from that analysis: our federal government is too big. Too many people.

In general I agree. Unfortunately many of those affected are the very border patrol and ICE agents we need to keep us safe.

It’s not a bad thing to prioritize legislation. Mitch can just bring a bill to the floor and everyone, including congress can get back to work.


President Trump Holds Border Security Roundtable


How border patrol and ICE are deemed non essential makes no sense to me.