Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Announces Suspension of U.S. Attachment to INF Treaty

Hmm, I wonder what this will mean in the bigger picture going forward, just as China is not part of the treaty and have been proliferating their arms race without any criticisms so far. Might this be a precursor for a future treaty to include China?

It has too. China has built up the world’s largest and most diverse arsenal of ground launched missiles.

Meanwhile from my understanding Russians hasn’t been transparent with their buildup in Kola and is over the limit/number of launchers by about 250.

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Pompeo is a globalist shill. His actions shouldn’t shock anyone.

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I have no love for the neocons but I understand this move. Why should we remain a party to a Cold War arms restraint treaty that has been handicapping us while Russia/China expand arms development right on schedule? This sends a strong signal that we can do the same, and the reality is it won’t take us long to catch-up in case there is a gap.

That is really the the crux of this but more importantly the arms race is back on and that is a more scarier proposition to consider.

This isn’t neocon issue IMO, all Paleocons should support modernization of our nuclear arsenal.

What is a Paleocon?..

If russia has been ignoring the treaty, then yes, I can understand this move. But would have preferred we exerted pressure on russia to get them to comply first.

Maybe we have tried that? I really do’t know much about this and about Russia’s non-compliance.

I certainly don’t enjoy the thought of a new arms race.

Old right, before neocons wrestled control.

Reagan? Or is he Neocon?

Learn little before asking silly questions…once you done that then maybe we can talk.

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Not sure how I can ‘learn little’ about if you view Reagan as a neocon or a paleocon. But ok. Also seems strange that you frequent a political message board but often refuse to engage in political discussion.

How can an American in a great America do otherwise?

Answer … he can’t. Let’s not be the last samurai… using old weapons against an adversary’s modern arsenal.

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The Paleoconservatives.
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Like all political views, there is diversity. I share alot of views but am strongly against other views of Paleoconservatism. You, no doubt, will find some views among Paleoconservatives that you can cast in the worst possible way with your ridiculous strawmen.