Second Amendment story out of Wa

There is hope

Interesting story. It will eventually come to this.

If the Communist Left will kill live born babies, what the heck are they willing to do to the rest of us? Better to be armed.


The main trouble with elections concerning gun rights in the United States is the ignoring of or the complete unawareness of what the Constitution establishes as requirements for any such laws or regulations.

In short, idiots are allowed to vote.


You are right. And Legislators take an oath to uphold the Constitution; voters don’t.

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Yet we expect these same voters to hold those representatives accountable. Remind me why representatives would honor an oath to uphold the Constitution if that’s the only consequence of breaking it?

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Yet it is the legislators, elected by the voters to represent the voters, that author the laws and regulations that are intended to control the voters.

The oath to support and defend the Constitution has become a meaningless ritual to many disingenuous politicians whose singular goal in life is to be elected to positions of power and immunity from the laws devised to control and appease the voters.


I agree with this 100%. Each and every elected official has a duty to follow the Constitution. They routinely put forth legislation they know violates it, thereby violating their oath.


Best post ever!!!

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Idiots don’t know that they are just another lump of cells to the leftists.

We used to:

I pledge allegiance to the flag…