Sean Connery RIP

I clearly remember seeing Mr. Connery on the big screen in the movie “Darby ò Gill and the Little People”.Saw all of his James Bond Movies on the big screen.RIP


Just saw the news. The one and only James Bond.

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Rip Sean Connery he was out here giving women one good snack at a time

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So true! Allan Quartermain will return!

No but seriously, it seems like Sir Connery was going to live forever. One of the true representatives of real masculinity. Sad!

Feminist hated him, so IMO he was a good ambassador for Male masculinity!

R.I.P Sean Connery

RIP . Great actor best Bond ever !!!

Oh no!

I watched Outland yesterday.

Time to re-watch “A Fine Madness”

“It is my dying wish that President Trump gets a second term.”
— Sean Connery ( August 1930 - October 2020 )

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I think his dying wish was to see the UK get completely locked down again. He got his wish.