Scotus. The fun begins, How the dems will cheat

The recent unanimous Supreme Court ruling should be a stark reminder that Democrats aren’t playing by the rules anymore.

The courts have spoken loudly the states cannot exclude candidate.

What happens if Trumps still wins?

In the initial hours of his presidency, would be to fire [FBI Director] Christopher Wray and purge the FBI.

Followed by replacement of the Fed Reserve chairman.

Addressing the DOJ and the weaponization.

The cabinet turn over.

Dealing with DHS and the 10 million illegals admitted by Biden.

Closing the border with the military.

Dealing with the disaster in Ukraine, Gaza.

The left:
Will the left in the senate try to disqualify Trump if he wins the election. in the absence of legislation and uniform standards, refuse to count his electoral ballots on Jan. 6, citing the 14th.

The cities will likely erupt in violence.

Will DC erupt, will democrats be accused and convicted as insurrectionists?

The media is currently flooding the country with opinion reflecting their views. They speak of subverting the vote, ROTFLMAO and they would know as they are experienced.

The threat is authoritarian government, They apparently are not paying attention to the events of the last 3 years.

Buckle up, the fun is just beginning.

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Attorney General Merrick Garland recently declared his intentions to actively combat voter ID laws being enacted in various states, falsely claiming that such laws “disadvantage minorities.”

Democrats heard another alarm bell over the weekend when a New York Times/Siena College poll showed Trump leading Biden 48 percent to 43 percent among registered voters nationwide.

Well the 3 cunts had reservations and made it clear what the decision will be when they get the next Trump case .


Yet another election where people vote for who they hate the least.

Better than voting for the one that will fuck it up the MOST !!!

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Dems and GOPers are different.

Dems: The worst possible democrat is better than the best Republican.
GOP: Many would shun a bad republican.

This is likely the last chance to turn the country around. The flood of illegals will be given the vote and will vote democrat. Remember the house is determined by population and illegal/ASSylum seeker/citizen are counted and are all the same.

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Yea… that’s a scary thought. Let’s hope enough people are truly ‘awake’ when it’s time to vote… if voting even matters anymore.


The motive?
How many alarm bells do we need to sound before its too late?

If we allow this legislation to go through the country will be lost forever! No wonder why they are trying to stop Trump at all costs!


We are there already , how could it get ANY worst ?


Ignore The Appeals Court, Deport Them All Now

It was a bit of a shock this week when the Supreme Court allowed the Texas government to protect its citizens by arresting and deporting illegal aliens while the federal lawsuit against the state for daring to enforce our nation’s sovereignty is considered by the high court. I wasn’t aware that anyone in power in Washington gave a damn about our laws or Americans anymore. Sure, some pay lip service to the idea, but they don’t have power. But now the Supreme Court has opened the door to the idea that a state can act in our interest, and even though an appeals court stepped in and tried to block the law again, the Supreme Court has already spoken so every state where Republicans have the power needs to push through a similar law, do it this week, and start deporting every illegal alien authorities come in contact with.

That will sound heartless to Democrats, and good. I don’t care. These are people who support a President who cares so little he can’t even bother to properly read the name “Laken Riley” off a damn button he’s holding. Why would I give a single damn about their sensibilities in any way, shape or form?

And the idea that this latest ruling by an appellate court would somehow overrule the Supreme Court is just wrong. Besides, if Texas and other states just start putting illegal aliens on planes the hell out of the country, what is that court going to do to block it? Charter flights, private airports. Get them out.

Mexico now says they won’t take anyone back who isn’t Mexican, which is the perfect reason to not let them in in the first place. Texas can build a wall. Texas can make it difficult to get in. Let Mexico choke on them. Send everyone back by plane. If they won’t say where they’re from, send them to whatever major airport is closest to Cape Horn on the southern tip of South America. Why? Because why not? If people want to walk enter the country illegally, make that walk as long as humanly possible.

I’m also sick of it. I’m sick of the crime, sick of the murders, sick of the idea that we can’t enforce our laws or protect our sovereignty and must let anyone in who wants to come, no matter how they come.

I’m sick of the junkies and drugs everywhere. I’m sick of having to every bit of my 6 foot 5 inch frame to convey the pain homeless illegals and junkies will feel should they even look at my kids wrong, let alone say or do something inappropriate.

I’m tired of hearing about the crimes – the illegals who come here on “credit” from the cartels, overrunning neighborhoods and packing into townhouses Democrats force to be built everywhere seemingly for this purpose. It’s indentured servitude, just this side of slavery – the institution the Democrat Party started a civil war to defend and created segregation and Jim Crow laws as a temper tantrum when they lost.

I’m sick of seeing defendants unable to speak English, like this monster who left her 16-month-old in a playpen and went on vacation for 10 days to Puerto Rico. Shockingly, the baby died because the pile of garbage mother didn’t think about what would happen to her. The AP, in writing about this trash, says she is someone “who has struggled with depression and related mental health issues, said she has prayed daily for forgiveness. ‘There’s so much pain that I have in regards to the loss of my baby, Jailyn,’ she said. ‘I’m extremely hurt about everything that happened. I am not trying to justify my actions, but nobody knew how much I was suffering and what I was going through … God and my daughter have forgiven me.’”

Maybe God can forgive, I won’t. People who are sorry after they got caught aren’t people I care to forgive.

I don’t know if the mother here is an illegal alien or not, all I know is she needed an interpreter at her sentencing, and you’re supposed to be able to speak English to become a citizen. Either way, I suspect she’s here thanks to Democrat policies and she brought nothing to the table. She will now be on the state’s tab for the rest of her miserable life, before Satan starts covering the bill.

I blame Democrats for all of this and more. All the murders, all the assaults, all the overdoses, all the entitled illegal aliens sucking off society and complaining that the things they’re getting for free aren’t good enough. To hell with them and anyone who supports them. As a Catholic, I’m done with funding a church that embraces and encourages this. As an American, I’m done with a President who does too.

I don’t care about their “rights,” the second they break into the country any concern I could have been convinced to have for them dried up. There are consequences for knowingly breaking the law. While I’d prefer them to be a seat on a trebuchet pointed back into Mexico or the Gulf, I’m just as content to throw their asses on a plane and send them anywhere far away.

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Add Califuckya , Illinois , Mass , Maine , Connecticut , Vermont , NJ , Oregon … MFers

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