SCOTUS keeps citizenship question on hold in census case

So you think Trump didn’t roll over again and take it like a bitch? If that’s your take, you’re wrong.

No you are wrong because you are ignorant on how the law works, you are just reacting with emotions! Are you a lawyer, that knows the law? Do you actually know the particulars of this case?

I don’t need to be a lawyer to recognize a total failure of leadership.

@tangykraut, It’s not on hold, it’s off the questionnaire…

Yeah - I just saw that. However, when I created the thread it was still on hold.

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What do you mean “and now”? The question hasn’t been on the census since 1950.

Gotcha, just thought there would be an update…

Well that statement alone is based on total ignorance that submits to mob rule mentality as opposed to making an informed assessment based on the actual facts and the variables that were considered!

At the end of the day it wouldn’t have mattered had he decided to fight this or not, the decision wasn’t even his and if you actually took the time to educate yourself on the facts instead of looking foolish here by overreacting you would know that to be the case!

I don’t think that your tactic of “whine” would work. Maybe Trump is actually doing something behind the scenes but forgot to tell your mom to tell you.

I guess we should all just try to ignore that we’re all aboard the Titanic?

OMG! The world is going to end! OMG! What I am going to do? (Sarcasm)

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Here! They must of heard your belly ache!

Indeed he was.

For someone who wants to be taken seriously you certainly are making a case for being the cucked one! How much are they paying you to troll here?

Let’s add this to the list of posts as examples of your suffering from TDS! You are making this easy!

So Trump never made that tweet?

Pivot much? Change the subject from your TDS? Try reading again!

Insert photo of a water carrier here.

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Insert photo of Troll here!

Come on doc get your own material.

Unlike you who can’t add substance to any of your posts! You mean like your moniker? Yeah! How so original!