Scott Presler (and 170 volunteers) picked up 12 TONS of trash in West Baltimore today

In the landscape of bad news and self serving Politicians looking to capitalise on crisis and tragedies, it’s stories like these that get ignored! Gives hope that there are a few good people trying to make a difference! Take solace in knowing that there are still people trying to make a difference! Ask yourself how you can make difference to improve out communities across the country!

Dear lord, someone buy that poor woman a bra!

Good on Mr. Pressler!

Unfortunately 12 ton’s won’t make even a dent in Baltimore’s problems and a month from now no one will be able to tell they’ve done anything.

You’d need a few thousand volunteers working at least two weekends a month to even make a dent in the problem but hey, even the longest journey starts with a single step.

Like you said a small step is a good step in the right direction!

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Hey I definitely give the guy full credit. He’s actually doing something unlike most of the blowhards in elected office.

Take 10% of that 22bn that has been handed to Baltimore in the last year and put convicts and out of work teenagers to work cleaning the city up paying them 10.00/hr with him in charge.

That is a great idea and I wish there was more civic pride being exhibited in the cities in order to clean them up! When I was a kid we had a thing call the Mayor Sumner Youth Program where we would do exactly just that! We earned some extra money and we cleaned up Parks all summer Long!

I wonder if the “Job Corps” even still exists? Kids need a start somewhere to develop a work ethic and start building resume’s.

Illegals are now holding many if not most of the jobs that teenagers used to do in the summer.

You mean the peace corps? Or was that something else?

Funny that you mention illegals I was just thinking of an idea of “American Gardener” a landscape company design to employ youths who are American citizens!

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Different completely. The Peace Corps was primarily about sending mostly college kids and recent grads overseas to the developing world for water, medical, agricultural projects and schooling.

I guess it still exists.

Why is Elijah Cummings and his son in law missing from the picture???