Scott Adams goes hard: Get away from blacks, it's over... - Revolver News

Only 47% blacks thinks it’s ok to be white lol
Is this the prequel to genocide?

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As much as I would like to disagree, he makes sense. This doesn’t seem to be able to be fixed. We have been trying to fix it since the 60’s. It just gets worse instead of better… even when there is progress made, something or someone (Obama) comes around to fan the flames, and the regression begins anew.


I know this is the influence of white liberals pushing this segregation, but my god there isn’t one black going to stand up to this?
Boston is going to celebrate segregation.

I’m sure there will be some blacks that won’t cotton to this (pun intended). I see more and more blacks waking up to the cage/s that the Democrats have kept them locked up in since slavery was abolished.

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The problem is is prominent business blacks are gonna show up to this place and celebrate segregation … business/activist
And the city of Boston, his handing Black people millions of dollars, they’ve created these entrepreneur programs were they just show up to your job. They talk to you if they like you they give you funding for free. It’s fucking insane.

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They are coming for you

You can’t hide

Bow down!

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This you @LouMan

Can’t even look at her self in the camera

How can abortions be any less effective? :thinking:

My sister’s been nothing but nice to you pay your child support

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I did… and alimony for 9 years. Support your own sister. :wink:

Die off you white republicans!
Or go to jail!